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“You still have my face left”… The great sword has arrived, the first title holder’s parental visit

 “It’s been a long time since I’ve come.”

Masan Stadium on the 7th. NC Dinos C Team (Futures) had a welcome guest.

Coach Kim Jong-ho, who joined Samsung in 2007 and transferred to the NC Dinos after the 2012 season. Coach Kim, who served as an active player until 2017, is currently a coach at Gangneung Yeongdong University.

Coach Kim’s baseball life blossomed in NC. He wrote a meaningful page of history in NC. He succeeded in stealing 50 bases in 2013, leaving his name as the first NC title holder and the first fielder title holder in a new club. Even after that, Coach Kim’s sprint continued. He stole 22 bases in 2014, and had a career high season in 2015 with a batting average of 2.9 with 5 runs and 41 steals.

Coach Kim, who visited Masan Stadium to play a practice game with the NC C team, greeted the coaches he had met for a long time and the front desk.

Coach Kim sent his greetings through the NC Future Steam SNS account. Coach Kim said, “I am the coach of the opposing team, but I came to Masan Baseball Stadium after a long time. The feeling is very new. Many players on the team have changed, but I am still glad to see the coaches and front desk staff on the team.”토토사이트

At Masan Stadium, coach Kim once again ignited his will as a leader. Coach Kim said, “It is so amazing that my face is still left on the wall as a team record recorded at Masan Baseball Stadium as a player.” “When I come here, I always remember myself playing hard on the ground. As a player, I will work hard to develop such players.”

He also greeted the fans who still think of Coach Kim. He said, “I heard that there are still many people who wear my uniform and watch the game during Changwon NC Park’s home game. I am so grateful. There are fans who send letters to the school. I hope there will be an opportunity to say hello to the fans. Thank you for always cheering me on.”

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