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‘You have to hit it forward~’ Lee Ji-young smiles at the pin glass of Yang Ji after being hit, ‘You know my heart, right?

In the third inning of the game between Doosan and Kiwoom at Gocheok Sky Dome on March 23, with the score tied at 0-0, Lee Ji-young stepped to the plate.

Lee kept the game in her favor by cutting off pitch after pitch from starting pitcher Kwak Bin.

Lee Ji-young cuts a pitch that sends Yang Ji-ji flying.
With the bases loaded and two outs, Lee Ji-young cut Kwak Bin’s seven-pitch 127-kilometer changeup, and Yang Ji-ji, who was sitting behind her, began to clutch her left knee.

He was hit by a foul ball from Lee Ji-young. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the umpire quickly waved to the Doosan dugout, and the training coach rushed over to check on Yang Ji.안전놀이터

I know the pain….

Lee Ji-young comforting Kwak Bin, who came down to see Yang Ji.
Lee Ji-young felt the same way as her teammate and couldn’t leave. Lee Ji-young, who knows better than anyone the pain of a catcher hit by a pitch, was also a catcher.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Yang Ji’s face, which was lying on the ground, and looked at his face for a long time as he endured the pain without hesitation.

Yang Ji was worried about Kwak Bin, too. Kwak Bin leaned down and watched Yang Ji’s condition, and Lee Ji-young also patted him on the back to comfort him.

After a while, the pain seemed to fade away. Yang Ji slowly pushed off the seat and started to get up.

Lee Ji-young didn’t take her eyes off Yang Ji as he recovered.

‘I’m going to hit it forward~’ Lee smiles at Yangji’s bruises as he stands up after overcoming the pain.
After overcoming the pain and putting her equipment back on, Yangji, who was ready to play, looked at Lee Ji-young with her characteristic blunt expression and said, “I have to hit it forward.” After hearing Yangji’s pained protest, Lee Ji-young patted him on the shoulder and smiled to show her apology.

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