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“You have to come up a little more…” What are the ‘conditions’ for the two top hitters of ‘The Two Heavenly Lovers’? awkward seat, awkward shame

 Kiwoom and Samsung match. A strange scene continues.

The first batters in the first inning were Lee Jung-hoo and Pirella. Two of the best sluggers in the league that divided the world last year. The top hitter arrangement is a bit awkward. Of course, this is because they are the players who need to play the role of a solver by hitting the center line.

Lee Jung-hoo’s placement as a top hitter is the first time in three years since 5 at-bats in 2020. After turning pro, he served as a leadoff from 2017 to 2019, but graduated after being promoted to third hitter in 2020.

The leadoff for Pirellado is an unfamiliar position.

Best foreign hitter in his 3rd year of debut in the KBO. The first batch was all 15 at-bats last year. He was mostly placed 3rd or 2nd.

Last year, Lee Jung-hoo and Pirella were the best sluggers representing the league. They competed in good faith for first place in all categories except stolen bases and home runs, stimulating each other’s development.

After a fierce race, the final winner was Lee Jung-hoo. By a narrow margin, he won the MVP award by winning 5 crowns, including batting average, RBI, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and most hits. Pirella, who was in second place by a narrow margin, had an MVP-level season with 28 home runs, more than Lee Jung-hoo, in first place.

The two players, as if promised, started late at the beginning of this season.

As of the 10th, Lee Jung-hoo is the 5th of Kiwoom’s 5 batters who have filled the required at-bats. 3 homers and 18 RBIs with a batting average of 2.32 in 31 games. This is an unsuitable figure for a top-class hitter who boasts the batting champion for two consecutive years, first place in career batting average (0.338), and 30% for six consecutive years.

Pirella is also batting .27 with 5 homers and 17 RBIs. He seems to announce the recovery of the feeling of hitting by hitting once in a while, but the next day he is silent and repeats the pattern of not being able to continue the flow.

The placement of the top hitter is the bench’s desperate measure to return the ideal flow of the two players to the normal track.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki, who is sure of a rebound, saying, “I’m not a player to worry about,” also prescribed an accelerator. Since May, Lee Jung-hoo has been appointed as the leadoff for the 8th game.

On the 9th, manager Hong Won-ki explained, “It means a fresh start. He hopes to get on base a lot by playing more at-bats.” Regarding the return to the center of the batting line, he added, “I will consider changing the batting order when the 안전놀이터record has improved and the overall role division of the players has been achieved. I have left room.”

The same goes for Pirella. He started as a top hitter in 4 games from the 3rd.

On the 9th, Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “It’s getting better, but the batting condition is still not normal. It’s about 60% compared to last year, when I was very good. He is a player who needs to produce runs.”

Pirella was placed as the 4th hitter against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 11th. It was a change made because he was silent with 4 at-bats the previous day rather than doing well. He’s placed at number 4 and has two hits, but it remains to be seen if he’ll be anchored at center.

The first arrangement of the two players is intended to relieve the burden of ‘solving’ and to help them find the perfect sense of hitting through more at-bats.

Once deployment is successful.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who recorded 2.18 ri in the third batting order, is gradually raising his batting average to 2.6 3. He had hits in every game except for one game, and he also had two multi-hits.

Pirella also showed signs of a rebound little by little, recording a batting average of .333, 1 home run, and 3 RBIs in 4 games as No. 1.

Two hitters who stood tall at the top of the league. The center of Kiwoom and Samsung’s other lines, which are aiming for a rebound in the upper ranks, can be solidified only when they quickly recover to the normal track.

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