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Yang Hyun-joon, the results of the detailed examination are also fractured

Yang Hyun-joon, who was diagnosed with a nasal bone fracture, was confirmed to have a fracture in a detailed examination메이저사이트.

An official from Gangwon FC said, “As a result of Yang Hyun-joon’s detailed examination at two hospitals on the 14th, a fracture of his nose was confirmed.” Previously, Yang Hyun-joon was hit in the face by Park Se-jin’s elbow in the match against Daegu FC held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 11th.

As it was confirmed as a fracture in a close examination, a colon was inevitable for the time being. However, the treatment methods proposed by the two hospitals are different, so it is not yet possible to predict the exact length of the absence. Gangwon FC plans to discuss treatment with players and coaching staff.

Due to Yang Hyeon-Jun’s injury, there is a possibility that Gangwon will be caught in the under-22 rule against Pohang Steelers on the 18th. According to the K-League regulations, the 18-man list must include at least two players under the age of 22, and one of them must start as a starter. Failure to do so will reduce the number of 5 replacement cards to 2.

Since Gangwon currently has Lee Seung-won selected for the under-20 national team and is participating in the Asian Cup, it is only necessary to include one player under the age of 22 in the 18-man roster. You can use 3 replacement cards even if you do not start this player. However, in order to use all 5 cards, it is necessary to start a player under the age of 22, so there are concerns that the range of player operation will be further reduced in the match against Pohang.

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