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Will President Yoon’s meeting be successful… Zelensky’s “Fall in and Out”

It’s back briefing time. News storyteller Park Jin-gyu reporter is with me. let’s start



Today (the 20th), let’s talk a little bit about Ukrainian President Zelensky, who is circling the world.


Literally endless… There was also an expression called a wide movement. First of all, Zelensky’s current location seems to be Hiroshima, Japan.


Yes. We arrived in Hiroshima, Japan, where the G7 summit is being held.

The part that came by using the French government aircraft is also interesting. It is also Zelensky’s first visit to Asia since the war in Ukraine.


After all, Zelensky’s purpose is to appeal for support.


Yes. Online participation was planned. The Japanese government explained that “President Zelensky has expressed a strong desire to participate face-to-face.” “The G7 leaders and President Zelensky decided to hold a session on Ukraine.”

A few days ago, her wife, Mrs. Zelenska, came to Korea and met President Seok-yeol Yoon. Interest is also focused on whether the meeting between President Yun and Zelensky, who are also participating in the G7 summit, will be held.

The president’s office said, “There is nothing that can be said at this stage.” Even if it is not an individual meeting, it is expected that we will be able to have a short conversation at a dinner or conference hall.


That part is actually getting a lot of attention. Since the keywords are endless, didn’t Zelensky come straight from Ukraine to Japan?


Yes. He flew to Japan from Saudi Arabia. Why did you go to Saudi Arabia? I attended the Arab League Summit.

I met Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman, who is saddened by the second most wealthy person in the world. I also met the Crown Prince of Kuwait. In addition, he digested a busy diplomatic schedule such as the Prime Minister of Iraq and the Vice President of the UAE .


I am working through a schedule that is really out of breath. By the way, I heard there was another schedule before the visit to Saudi Arabia?


We toured four European countries, namely Italy, Germany, France and England. Then I came to Saudi Arabia and then to Japan.

I moved like this in just one week. When I added the distance traveled, it was about 17,000 kilometers.

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There is a contrast between Zelensky, who travels around the world, and Putin, who is hard to see in public.


There is also news that the Russian Foreign Ministry has banned the entry of 500 people, including former US President Barack Obama and members of the House of Representatives.

It seems to be a retaliatory measure for the additional economic sanctions of the United States, but will Obama ever go to Russia… I think I do.


I see. Zelensky’s move in Japan will be reported tomorrow in the newsroom. Let’s look at the next keyword.


<Oil Money VS China Money>

I thought it would be interesting to talk about European football like this, so I prepared it. Oil money versus China money…

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These are the big players who move European soccer.


That’s right. The two teams who will face off in the Champions League final of European club competition this week have been decided.

Manchester City in England and Inter Milan in Italy. Man City is oil money, Inter Milan is China money. In conclusion, oil money is objectively more powerful in terms of money power.

I mentioned only empty years before, but who else comes to mind of Middle Eastern royalty who are famous for having a lot of money?


The correct answer is Mansour. It is a synonym for rich and wealthy.


Yes, it was a very easy quiz. Mansour is the owner of Manchester City. He took over Manchester City in 2008 and invested heavily to make it one of the best teams in England.

But there is only one dream that has not been fulfilled so far. It’s the European conquest, the Champions League. Now, there is only one step left to that dream.


By the way, wasn’t Chinese capital and China money quite powerful?


That was the case in the mid-to-late 2010s. Until안전놀이터 Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward football prowess… Inter Milan was also acquired by the Suning Group, a Chinese distribution company, in 2016.

The son of Suning Group Chairman Steven Zhang took office in 2018. But there was too much bubble in football investment in China. The Suning Group is also in a situation where it does not have much capacity to invest in Inter Milan as it faces a crisis.

There is a difference of more than 700 billion won in the ransom of Man City and Inter Milan.

But football isn’t just about money. Inter Milan are aiming for their first Champions League title in 13 years.

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