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Why did director Subero of the banquet house give up on Kim Sun-bin?

Why did coach Subero, who was in a banquet house atmosphere, give up on Kim Sun-bin?

Hanwha’s manager Subero, who escaped from a losing streak by beating KIA after 10 overtime matches, and the players were sharing joy with high-fives.

At this time. KIA captain Kim Sun-bin visited the Hanwha squad with a dark expression.

Sensing an unusual atmosphere, Subero shouted at Kim Seon-bin and called captain Jung Woo-ram. Then he made a gesture saying, ‘Go to Kim Sun-bin and listen to what he’s saying.’

The ‘injury ward’ KIA and Hanhwa바카라사이트, who lost three consecutive matches, met at the Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 11th.

As the two teams desperate for a reversal met, a fierce match continued.

The two teams, which had been tossing and turning, couldn’t decide the game in the regular innings, and went into overtime after a 4-4 tie.

The finish line came from a rather pointless scene.

In the top of the 10th inning, KIA pitcher Kim Ki-hoon threw a wild pitch with 2nd, 2nd and 3rd base Noh Soo-gwang at bat, and in the meantime, third base runner Noh Si-hwan stepped on the home run, and that one point was the finish line.

The complaints of the KIA players were as follows. While Kim Ki-hoon lost a run with a wild throw, second base runner Moon Hyun-bin landed on third base.

Then it was a problem. Moon Hyun-bin, who was at third base, repeated running quickly in the home direction and back whenever Kim Ki-hoon


Kim Ki-hoon, who was shaking, eventually gave a walk to Noh Soo-gwang.

To the KIA players, Moon Hyun-bin’s behavior seemed to stimulate the pitcher more than necessary.

The captains of both teams stood on the ground and talked for a while.

Jung Woo-ram hugged Kim Sun-bin’s shoulders and read them. Soon after, Sunbin Kim nodded and turned around, but her expression remained the same.

The Hanwha players, who were watching the visit that suddenly made the atmosphere cold, also looked embarrassed.

It was a scene where you can get a glimpse of how sensitive the players of both teams are. /2023.04.12/

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