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 Who is behind Shin Jin-seo?

Korea’s only Go magazine, Monthly Baduk, celebrated its 50th anniversary in August 2017. At that time, I asked 50 people from the national안전놀이터 team, Go reporters, and Go officials. Who is the strongest person in the world right now? China’s No. 1 Ke Jie was picked the most, followed by Park Jung-hwan and Lee Se-dol. Who will be the strongest in 3-5 years? Shin Jin-seo was first, followed by Ke Jie and South Korean No. 1 Park Jung-hwan. Even at this time, the second place Shin Jin-seo had a win rate of around 58% against Chinese players. I had to hear the stinging words, “You can never become the strongest in the future without exerting yourself.” Behind Shin Jin-seo, who is the new face Korean Baduk expects? Park Sang-jin was the one who received the votes from the national team. It was when he won first place three times in the national team’s league match. Around that time, Hong Min-pyo, national team’s power analyst, said, “I’ve been watching Park Sang-jin since I was a research student, and he has talent, and he has a lot of interesting numbers and clever ideas.”

White entered the black shape. He hit a critical spot with the back 76 and reached the 80.

<Picture 1> Trying to live quickly with White 1 and 3 is rather fast, making it difficult to receive Black’s attack. Back 86 has a unique sense. <Picture 2> After gathering strength with white 2 and 4, which means to take it calmly with black 1, I plan to squeeze in with 6.

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