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Which team did the 7-year-old boy cheer for when he visited the stadium with his father?

As it was the first all-star game between Korean and Japanese female players, the scene was filled with people.

On the 29th, where the Korea-Japan All-Star Game was held for the first time in women’s professional basketball history, a long line was formed at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

As many promising players who will lead the future of Korean women’s basketball participated, it was not uncommon to see Koreans in the stands. Kim Jang-ryong (39), a Korean-Japanese who visited the stadium with his family, introduced himself as a cameraman and said, “I came to the stadium at the invitation of an acquaintance, and I am excited to come and see it in person.”

Yu-ri Kim (7), who followed her father by the hand, cheered on the Korean players. Kim Yu-ri said, “I support the Korean team because I am Korean. I will come to see the Korea-Japan All-Star Game in the future,” she said.

In the match, the Korean Rising All-Star Team, composed of players under the age of 25, faced off against the Japanese All-Star Team. This is the first time the Korean and Japanese all-star teams have faced each other.

Various event matches were also heldㅋㅋㅋ벳 prior to the main match. The first event match consisted of a skill challenge and a three-point contest to compete for basic skills.

Prior to the event match, Kang In-soo, who is active under the group MYNAME in Korea, first drew attention by demonstrating the event match. Kang In-soo raised the atmosphere by inducing applause from the crowd before the skill challenge.

The skill challenge was a game to record the time it took to dribble two balls simultaneously, put the ball into the hole with a direct pass, make a 3-point shot, then put the ball into the hole with a bound pass, dribble while avoiding obstacles and successfully shoot a layup. . The team with less time in the cumulative total of each team wins.

In the Korea Rising All-Stars, Samsung Life Insurance Jo Soo-ah, Shinhan Bank Lee Hye-mi, and Hana One Q Park So-hee came out. The Japanese All-Star team featured Saori Miyazaki, Sanae Motokawa, and Asuka Hirasue.

Japan beat Korea in 2:33:40 with a time of 2:04:35. When asked if she was nervous after the challenge, Jo Soo-ah said, “I’m still nervous.” “My strength is speed,” he said, promising to win the match.

Japan also laughed at the three-point shooting contest, which was an event game that followed. In a game in which the team with the most 3-pointers within one minute of the time limit won, Yamamoto Mai’s performance of 18 allowed Japan to beat Korea, which only scored 32 for a total of 41.

After the challenge, Lee So-hee of BNKsome, who succeeded in completing 12, said, “Now (tension) seems to be relieved. I hope you give me another chance,” she laughed.

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