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Where did you hear that… Difficulties in Lotte’s 5th round, another hitter injury, evil spirits attack?

Does sad history repeat itself? Lotte is in danger of suffering from the evil spirit of injury again.

Lotte is a team that needs a rebound right now. Lotte, which is still in 7th place, is chasing 5th place Doosan by 2.5 games. Recently, the atmosphere is urgently needed as the team lost all three consecutive weekend matches to Raising the last place. First of all, Lotte took a breather as 2 out of 3 consecutive matches during the week against leader LG were canceled due to rain.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton met with reporters after the LG match was canceled due to rain at Jamsil Stadium on the 23rd and said, “I want to say that (rainy weather cancellation) is helpful for our team. There have been no games canceled in the rain for 4-5 weeks before. “It’s positive that the pitchers and fielders have had enough time to recover,” he said.

On the 24th, Lotte announced Charlie Barnes as the starting pitcher for the game against LG in Jamsil. Aaron Wilkerson, who was originally scheduled to start on the 23rd, was rescheduled for the 25th against Sajik KT. In fact, it was possible that Lotte’s hopes for the quarterfinals were still not broken because of the strong fighting of Barnes and Wilkerson, who were on the mound after a ‘four-day break’. Barnes is in excellent condition with 4 wins and an ERA of 1.21 in the second half, and Wilkerson, who joined before the start of the second half, is also showing more than expected pitching with 2 wins and an ERA of 2.12.

Now, the worry about the foreign one-two punch has disappeared, but foreign hitter Nico Goodrum has yet to show an impactful performance. Goodrum has already played 25 games, but his batting average of .268, on-base percentage of .345, slugging percentage of .330, OPS of .675, and 15 RBIs were left without a home run.

Goodrum’s real problem isn’t grades. Right now, Goodrum’s hamstrings aren’t very good. This was the reason Gudrum missed the Gocheok Kiwoom match on the 19th and 20th. In fact, Gudrum was left out of the starting lineup for the same reason in the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 18th, but due to Lee Hak-joo’s sudden injury, he had to play to fill the void.

“Gudrum’s hamstrings are still tight,” said coach Sutton. He doesn’t mean he can’t play at all, but it means he has to be checked all the time.토토사이트

Come to think of it, director Sutton’s words don’t sound unfamiliar. It was the same for Jack Rex, a foreign hitter who played for Lotte before Gudrum.

Rex had a bad knee. He even dropped out of the first team entry once, but 100% recovery was not achieved. Director Sutton often said about Rex’s physical condition, “First of all, the knee is not 100%, so it needs constant maintenance.” This was also the biggest reason Lotte broke up with Rex. In the end, Rex left Lotte with a batting average of .246, on-base percentage of .338, and slugging percentage of .345 with 4 home runs and 30 RBIs.

However, Lotte cannot help but sigh at the fact that Gudrum has to be sent to the game while managing his hamstring condition until the end of the season. Goodrum suffered from a hamstring injury during his time with the Houston Astros last year. This year, in Triple A under the Boston Red Sox, he captivated Lotte with a batting average of .280, on-base percentage of .448, slugging percentage of .440, and OPS of .888 with 8 home runs and 36 RBIs. It got to the point where he was injured and had to compete.

Will Lotte be able to overcome the difficulties despite the variable of Gudrum’s hamstring injury? Coach Sutton held a team meeting at Jamsil Stadium on the 22nd and emphasized, “If you improve your performance with good concentration every day, there will be good results.” Lotte now has 40 games of fate left.

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