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‘What was the director’s name?’… Tottenham wing-back accused of public sniping

 The wingback prisoner who joined Tottenham showed that he did not mind the criticism against him.

Poro joined Tottenham through the transfer window in January and played in five Premier League matches. The interview with the British Guardian on the 22nd of the prisoner of war is attracting attention.

Poro made his Premier League debut against Leicester City last month. At the time, Tottenham, where Poro started, was defeated 1-4 by Leicester City안전놀이터, and Poro was replaced in the 30th minute of the second half. Commentator Sherwood, who also coached Tottenham in the 2023-14 season, criticized Poro’s debut as ‘unbelievably poor’.

“There was one manager, I don’t remember his name,” Poro said. “It didn’t make me angry. People can have their own opinions. If you play badly, people will say you played poorly.” showed meaning. He also added, “I try not to care about that kind of talk, but it’s impossible,” adding, “There’s always someone coming up and saying, ‘Have you seen this?'”

Meanwhile, Tottenham is in fourth place in the Premier League this season with 15 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses (49 points), and is competing to obtain tickets to the UEFA Champions League next season. Tottenham will play an away match against Everton on the 4th of next month after the A match break.

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