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What are the characteristics of Lee Gyu-tae, Lee Kang-hyeon and yourself that Yang Jun says?

All three of us have different colors카지노사이트.”

The university team, led by head coach Jeong Jae-hoon, will hold a Korea-Japan college selection basketball tournament from the upcoming 19th. As this is the first tournament to be held in four years, I am practicing to the best of my ability. Yang Joon of Korea University confidently boards the university team and works hand-to-hand with his players.

Yang Joon said through a phone call with this magazine, “Now is the stage of matching hands and feet. Each university has a different defense and method, and the basketball they pursue is also different. So there was a part that didn’t fit. However, even in college, players who were good at basketball gathered. I think I’m adapting faster than I thought,” he said, expressing his feelings with the university team.

Then, he said, “The coach puts a lot of emphasis on defense. At the same time, he is also training basic skills. In the attack, several patterns were also prepared. It’s still lacking, but it’s getting better,” he said along with the team situation.

The schedules of players who prepare for more than 100 times are very tight. I usually stay with the college team and play the college league. And on weekends, the national team gathers and matches hands and feet. When mentioning physical fitness problems, Yang Joon said, “Actually, I feel a bit tired. I usually do college training. Originally, I was supposed to rest on the weekend, but I haven’t been able to rest for the past few weeks. Still, the team’s training volume is not that great. I’m concentrating on keeping my hands and feet aligned. So the physical burden is less than I thought.”

The university team has three centers, including Yang Jun. Lee Gyu-tae from Yonsei University and Lee Kang-hyeon from Chung-Ang University are the main characters. When asked about how he felt with the two players, Yang Joon said, “In fact, I have been attached to the opposing team. They are really tough opponents. (Laughter) At first, it was strange that we were on the same team, but on the other hand, I was reassured. We are working hand in hand now.”

He continued, “All three of us have different colors. (Lee) Gyu-tae can be spaced. He’s a player with a shooting ability, so he’s a big help for court balance. (Lee) Kanghyun has a really good fighting spirit. And he’s good at fighting. This is the part I have to learn,” he said about Lee Kyu-tae and Lee Kang-hyun.

“I think my defense is better than the two. (Laughter) Also, I think I like 2v2 play better.”

Coach Jeong said, “I heard that there could be mixed-race players among Japanese players. Then the role of the centers in our team becomes important. (Yang) Jun, (Lee) Gyu-tae, and (Lee) Kang-hyeon are expected to play their roles.”

When I mentioned this to Yang Jun, “I will play my basketball even if mixed-race players come out. I will focus on the points I receive there and I will try to talk more with the players in various defenses.”

Lastly, Yang Jun said, “I will do my best in every game, just like at Korea University. Ever since I was young, I was told that in a match between Korea and Japan, you can’t lose even at rock-paper-scissors. Not just me, but all the players are like that. I will do my best” and concluded the interview with the determination.

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