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a multi-use vibrator for all bodies. Hump it, rub on it, tuck it into your harness or underwear, stroke your penis, or put it between two bodies. What makes the
Ziggy™ so unique is its accessible charging station for easy access, charging, and storage. Ziggy™ has 8 varying vibration settings of speeds and patterns to explore and can be used both internally and externally. With multi-use function, near-silent operation, braille interface, and medical-grade silicone, Ziggy™ is designed with accessibility in mind.

-Ziggy™ multi-use vibrator
-Wireless charging station
-Charging cord for wireless charging station
-Easy to read how to use and care instructions
-Care and Instructions manual

Curves for multiple uses and bodies
No matter your gender, sexual orientation, disability, or experience level, Ziggy™ can meet your needs with its multi-use design.
No hands, no hassle
The Ziggy™ can be placed in underwear, rested on your body or humped on, meaning no hands and no hassle.
Wireless charging
Ziggy™ comes with a wireless charging station that completely removes the hassle of pesky charging cords!
Extended use time
We have packed as much power as possible into our device. The Ziggy™ holds power for up to 70 minutes. The charging station will charge your Ziggy™ for up to 40 hours.
Accessible packaging
We have worked closely with product engineers to design easy-to-open packaging.
Braille buttons
Our power button is large and in charge with braille.

Who can use the Ziggy™?
We have designed the Ziggy™ for all bodies! No matter your gender, sexual
orientation, disability, or experience level, Ziggy™ can meet your needs.

Can I use NDIS funding to purchase the Ziggy™?
As long as you can link the purchase of the Ziggy™ sexual device to your NDIS goals,
you are able to claim under assistive technology using your NDIS funding. All that
you need to do is buy the Ziggy™ yourself, and with the receipt, you can then claim
reimbursement with your plan 토토사이트 manager or through your relevant funding channel.

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