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Up to the finals with ‘Force Seat’ experience… Kim Min-a “Jang Ga-yeon, Q-Speed ​​is different”

 I reached the final in about a year after the 2nd tour 토토사이트(Hana Card Championship) in the 22-23 season. Breaking the crown, he is now about to step into the second championship in his career. 

On the 17th, in the semifinals of the ‘Gyeongju Blue One Resort LPBA Championship’ held at Blue One Resort in Gyeongju, Kim Min-ah (NH Nonghyup Card) beat Oh Su-jeong with a set score of 3-2 (11-8, 9-11, 9-11, 11-7). , 9-4) and advanced to the final. 

It is the first solo tour match with Kim Ga-young in two years. Funnily enough, she met at the opening match even at the time. She met at the Blue One Resort in the 21-22 season and played the semifinals, losing at the time. Now, he seeks revenge in the finals. Whoever wins will be the first to win the Opening Day.

Kim Min-ah, who we met after the game, said, “First of all, I am happy to go to the opening match finals.” I thought I wanted to go, but fortunately I came.”

LPBA removed the survival system from this season. From the preliminaries, a 1-on-1 match is given with a 25-point system and a 50-minute time limit. If all records are the same, the high run and average are calculated and the win or loss is different. 

He was seeded in the round of 64 and played this match, and said of the preliminary round, “It was the most difficult match.” In the round of 64, Kim Min-ah came up with the same score as Choi Bo-ram, the same average (0.792), and a high run only by one point. 

The round of 64 match method has changed, but I was confident,” he said at the time. He said that he had practiced the preliminary match system at the practice range before entering the season. 

In fact, it was the match that overpowered youngest Jang Ga-yeon, who caused a sensation right before her debut, rather than advancing to the finals for the second time. Kim Min-ah showed her veteran career by beating Jang Ga-yeon, who had reached the quarterfinals, 0-3. 

When asked about this, he said, “I haven’t played a lot together, but I heard that he was a hard-working friend in Gyeongbuk before coming to the PBA.” 

“I saw it then, but at that time my skills didn’t improve so much. Looking back now after about 2-3 years, the perfection wasn’t perfect, but the Q-speed was so different. I think I will become a .” 

He gave generous compliments to his juniors, and smiled shyly, saying, “I originally played billiards without worrying about it, but now that I have improved my set and become a short game, there are a lot of timid plays.” 

“I want to do well, but tomorrow will not be an easy game,” said Kim Min-ah, who gave her cool impression, and will go on the LPBA final stage with Kim Ga-young at 9:30 pm on the 18th. 

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