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Under the shade of the crosswalk… Shameless ‘parking villain’

The last keyword is ‘shade’.

There are so many cars that are politely parked next to the building.

It occupies even sidewalks, causing inconvenience to pedestrians토토사이트.

But why is ‘shade’ the keyword in this story?

Let’s see. This is a picture that was posted on social media

yesterday . A car is parked… I think this is a bit harsh. I parked under the shade of the crosswalk. The shade was installed so that citizens waiting for a pedestrian signal in midsummer could avoid the sun for a while… That’s where they parked. However, it is said that these modest drivers appear only in the summer. Are you afraid of the car getting hot, so you park in the shade? It is illegal to park on the sidewalk alone, but blocking the shade for citizens with your car is a very selfish act. Shade is not a private parking space. Until now, it has been the Isshu keyword.

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