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‘Ukraine Participation’ Belatedly Confirmed as Korean-American Former US Marine Corps Warrior

It was belatedly known on the 19th (local time) that a former US Marine Corps officer of Korean descent who went missing while participating in the Ukraine War, which began with the Russian invasion, was confirmed dead.

It came about when a related story was posted on GoFundMe, an American online fundraising site.

According to William Lee’s post on behalf of the wife of the deceased Captain Grady Krupasi, the retired Captain Krupasi, who was discharged in September 2021, went to Ukraine to support Ukraine invaded by Russia.

Initially, the purpose was to train soldiers, but as the war progressed intensely, a commander with combat experience was needed, so the Krupasi reserve captain eventually led a squad to participate in the battle, but died during the battle.

Previously, The Washington Post reported that in July of last year, reserve captain Krupasi had gone missing since he was last seen in southern Ukraine on April 26 of the same year, and his family and friends are looking for his whereabouts안전놀이터.

The Krupasi Reserve Captain’s team of the International Volunteer Army engaged the Russian Army at the time. At that time, Captain Krupasi Reserve, along with Andrew Hill, a British national, moved to a temporary observation post to find out where the bullets were flying, and was later reported missing.

Hill, who was with Krupasi reserve captain, was captured by Russian forces and two other members of the team were killed, the Washington Post reported.

His death was confirmed in April of this year, about a year later.

“We have confirmed the death of an American citizen in Ukraine,” the US State Department said in response to a request to confirm the death of Captain Krupasi, a Marine Times reservist, the Marine Times reported. .

According to the GoFundMe post, Captain Krupasi, who was born in Korea and adopted to the United States, enlisted in the Marine Corps when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred while living in New York.

After working as a computer programmer, he became a recon sniper after serving as a Marine Corps infantry stormtrooper. He was also deployed to Iraq three times and was awarded the Purple Heart in 2007.

He also worked in Korea for three years with his wife and daughter.

“Captain Krupasi was inspiring and selfless,” said William Lee in a GoFundMe post. “He always overcame hardships and difficulties with a smile.”

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