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‘Tongdaechang mukbang’, which is hot these days… It’ll be a big deal if you just follow

“They say it’s ‘food that makes you feel your blood vessels clog’ while you eat it, but when you see people eating it on YouTube, it looks so delicious. What should I do?

” . While tongdaechang is gaining popularity for its unique greasy taste and texture, experts are expressing concerns about exposure to various dangerous diseases.

According to the related industry on the 22nd, ‘Tongdaechang Mukbang’ was seen by mukbang YouTubers eating it with meat or red chicken stir-fried noodles at the end of last year. Most of the popular videos on YouTube have exceeded 3 to 4 million views, and content that has surpassed 10 million views is also noticeable.

In the video, viewers can easily find comments showing interest, such as “The texture looks good”, “The salivary glands are stimulated”, and “The sound of chewing stimulates the appetite”. In fact, Mr. Lee (29), who said that he bought and ate the tongdaechang mukbang after watching it, said, “It looks so bad for the body, but it looks so delicious안전놀이터, so I ate it once.” “he said.

‘Tongdaechang mukbang’ means to eat daechang grilled in sizzling oil without cutting it. Daechang has a lot of visceral fat on the outside compared to giblets. Daechang sold in the market has fat inside, and this is because the fat that was previously attached to the outside was turned inside out like a sock.

However, Daechang is literally made up of ‘oil lumps’. Among the fats, it corresponds to ‘high-fat food’ that belongs to the part full of animal saturated fatty acids. Seo Hee-seon, a professor of family medicine at Gachon University Gil Hospital, warned, “Daechang is almost like eating only oil when it comes to meals,” and warned, “It is a food that chronically ill patients should never eat.”

High levels of saturated fatty acids increase blood cholesterol ( LDL ) and triglycerides, causing oil to build up in the walls of blood vessels. When this happens, blood vessels going to the brain or heart are blocked, making it easy to develop hyperlipidemia. In addition, excessive consumption of large intestine increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, and stroke.

Experts are pointing out the dangers of indiscriminately following the tongdaechang mukbang as it becomes more popular. In particular, experts agreed that foods such as tongdaechang can have a negative effect on the body during the growing period, such as adolescents. Since there is too much fat, it is relatively difficult to consume protein, and it is pointed out that it is easy to cause problems in growth during the growth period.

If so, is there any way to safely consume Daechang? According to experts, when eating daechang, if possible, do not eat more than one serving, and eat it with vegetables that are rich in fiber and have ingredients that warm the body, such as onions, garlic, green onions, and peppers. According to Hoengseong-gun’s ‘Byeolwoo Byeolmi’ recipe book, it is good to soak fresh daechang in rice water for 5 to 10 minutes, remove fat tissue and oil, and then wash with salt and flour and rub vigorously.

Kim Soo-hee, a professor of food and nutrition at Kyungmin University, advised, “Daechang should not be consumed frequently, and even if you eat it, you must eat it with enough vegetables.”

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