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There are 8 pieces of silver… Diving Woo Ha-ram “I’ll try again”

At the decision ceremony held with about 1,000 people in attendance, including Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-gyun and Korea Sports Council Chairman Lee Ki-heung, President Yoon Seok-yeol gave an encouraging speech read by Minister Park, saying, “Our government is doing its best to ensure that the values ​​of freedom and solidarity are incorporated into all sports policies.” . “I will run with the people and support the players,” he said, praying for the success of ‘Team Korea.’

The Hangzhou Asian Games were originally scheduled to be held last year, but were postponed for a year due to coronavirus issues and will begin on the 23rd and run until the 8th of next month. About 12,500 athletes from 45 countries will participate, and Korea will send about 1,140 athletes to 39 sports.

Among the athletes participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games, the most medalist in the Asian Games is Woo Ha-ram (25, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), a leading men’s diver with a total of eight medals. He collected one silver medal (synchronized 10m platform) and three bronze medals (synchronized 3m springboard, 10m platform, 1m springboard) at the 2014 Incheon Games, and two silver and two bronze medals each at the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Games. Woo Ha-ram, who suffered a slump last year and the middle of this year due to a back injury, will attempt the ‘golden diving’ in Hangzhou.

The winners with the most gold medals are men’s fencing Gu Bon-gil (34, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) and women’s cyclist Na-reum (33, Samyang Corporation), who each won five medals. Koo Bon-gil aims to win the saber individual event for the fourth time in a row in Hangzhou. If he reaches the top in the individual and team competitions, he can increase the number of Asian Games gold medals to seven and become the most Korean Asian Games gold medalist in history. Na-reum, who swept five gold medals by crossing the boundaries between road and track, including road solo in Incheon and individual road, road solo, team pursuit, and Madison in Jakarta and Palembang, is also aiming for gold.온라인바카라

The athlete with the most participation in the Asian Games is track and field men’s hammer thrower Lee Yun-cheol (41, Eumseong-gun Office), who is scheduled to enjoy Asia’s best sports festival for the sixth time in a row, starting with the 2002 Busan Games. The oldest participant is Lim Hyeon (73, female), who competes in the card game bridge, and the youngest player is Kim Sarang (12, female), who participates in chess.

In some cases, families come together. Climbing coach Seo Jong-guk (50) and Seo Chae-hyeon (20, Seoul City Hall) are father and daughter, and cyclist Shin Dong-in (29) and Lee Joo-mi (34) are a married couple. Softball coach Bae Nae-hye (38) and sister Bae Yoo-ga (34), diving brothers Kim Young-nam (27) and Kim Young-taek (22), and track and field twin brothers Han Se-hyeon and Han Doo-hyun (29) are also heading to Hangzhou in the name of their families.

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