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“The second Ronaldo, Mozart on the ground”… Ferdinand’s Praise

Even in the midst of a goalless march, there are shining stars in Chelsea. 카지노사이트

João Felix was compared to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and received rave reviews.

Chelsea lost 0-1 in the first leg of the round of 16 of the 2022/23 season UEFA Champions League against Dortmund held at Signal Iduna Parque on the 16th (Korean time). 

Chelsea have recently fallen into a goalless slump despite investing huge amounts of capital to reinforce their squad. At the same time, Karim Adeyemi conceded the winning goal in the 18th minute of the second half. 

Mihailo Mudrik, Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyesh played in Chelsea’s attacking line, and Joao Felix assisted the attacking line in the second line.

Excluding Jiyesi, only the transfer fee of Mudrik and Havertz is close to 100 billion won, and Felix is ​​also a simple lease, but the rent reached 11 million euros (approximately 15.1 billion won). 

On this day, Chelsea’s expected score was 2.14 goals and Dortmund’s 1.41 goals, but the actual score was only Dortmund’s. Chelsea’s expected goals are the fourth highest expected goals among teams that have gone scoreless in the Champions League this season. 

Felix played a lot of roles, especially in the second line. He showed more freedom than at Atlético Madrid by trying to break through the dribble, break the pressure, and make accurate passes at Chelsea. 

Felix showed a lot of influence in the opposing camp against Dortmund, with 91% pass accuracy, 9 successful contests, 5 successful dribbles, 4 shooting attempts, 1 shot on target, and 3 fouls. His shots on target had an expected score of 0.77. 

Rio Ferdinand, who watched the match in England with BT Sports, discussed the issue of Chelsea’s frontline striker with Chelsea legend Joe Cole. 

They conducted the program in the form of discussing interesting points among the contents posted by local fans on Twitter. 

Already Ferdinand watched the game and praised Felix as the best player to date in the first half. In addition to this, he praised, “Felix is ​​like Mozart when he has the ball. He has everything.” 

Speaking after the match, Ferdinand said: “He’s on loan. My question is, he hasn’t scored a lot, but he’s technically the best player and Chelsea are signing him. I’m not sure. From a Premier League point of view, he’s a fantastic signing.” evaluated.

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