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The rest of the games were announced…’National Rain’ Cancellation of all 5 KBO League games on the 29th due to rain

All 5 KBO League games scheduled to be held on the 29th have been canceled. On this day, the KBO announced the remaining game schedule for the final game on October 10, but after the announcement, the final game of the regular season was postponed by one day as rain canceled games one after another.

Due to the rain that fell nationwide due to the typhoon on the 29th, Doosan-LG (Jamsil), Samsung-KT (Suwon), Kiwoom-SSG (Incheon), Lotte-Hanwha (Daejeon), and NC-KIA (Gwangju) all 5 games were rainy. Canceled.

The canceled Samsung-KT match was rescheduled for September 19th, and the remaining 4 matches will be scheduled after October 10th.

On this day, heavy rain poured down until daytime at Jamsil Stadium, and in the afternoon it subsided and stopped and then rained repeatedly. Due to the rain from the previous day, puddles were created everywhere on the outfield warning track. From 4:00 pm, the rain began to increase again, and after waiting until 5:00 pm, game supervisor Han Yong-deok decided to cancel the rain.

Doosan canceled its 15th rainy day, and LG also canceled its 15th rainy day.

LG announced Lee Jeong-yong as the starting pitcher on the 30th, and Doosan announced Brandon as the starting pitcher on the 29th. Lotte’s Barnes and Hanwha’s Lee Tae-yang will be starting pitchers on the 30th without change.

In Incheon, Kiwoom was changed to McKinney and SSG to McCarty. In Gwangju, NC predicted Shin Min-hyeok and KIA Panoni as starting pitchers. In Suwon, Choi Chae-heung for Samsung and Ko Young-pyo for KT turned into a confrontation.

KIA Kim Geon-guk, KT Kim Min, Kiwoom Jang Jae-young, and SSG Oh Won-seok, who were announced as 5 starters or temporary starters for the game on the 29th, missed the opportunity to start.안전놀이터

As the KBO was abolished from this season on the 29th and organized into a three-game format, a total of 116 games, including 50 unscheduled games and 66 games that need to be reorganized, including rain or shine, and October 10th (Tuesday) organized up to There is also a schedule for Monday games and doubleheaders.

The KBO said, “If a game is canceled due to rain or other reasons from today (29th) to September 7th (Thursday), it will be organized as a reserve day of the announced schedule with priority. If there is no reserve day, in the case of matches with the same bracket after September 12 (Tuesday), the second day of the same bracket will be organized as a double header, and in the case of matches without the same bracket after September 12 (Tuesday), it will be organized later It is done,” he announced.

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