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The reason why fans were outraged, “Incheon baseball does not need a non-commissioned officer.”

 SSG Landers, who won the combined championship this season, was in an unexpected ‘non-profit’ controversy.

SSG recently pulled out the sword of changing the general manager. Director Ryu Seon-gyu, who is good at front desk work, resigned in the form of his own resignation, instead appointing Kim Seong-yong, head of Futures R&D Center, as the new head.

Most of the responses were incomprehensible to this. Ryu Jeon, who became the general manager last year, showed his ability to bring Kim Gwang-hyun this season following Choo Shin-soo. And this season, SSG not only won the championship but also succeeded in catching both rabbits: first place in crowd mobilization for a club related to Incheon. It was a fact that everyone knew that the contribution of former general manager Ryu was great.

Nevertheless, the club changed the general manager. It was announced that he was resigning voluntarily, but anyone could guess that it was just a facade. And immediately, the controversy over the non-profit tax arose.

The story began to spread that a person without an official title was in charge of affairs inside and outside the club and even influenced the appointment of general manager Kim Seong-yong. Fans rushed to the SNS of owner Yongjin Jeong, who had been enjoying communication, and demanded an explanation, but the answer that came back was, “This is a personal space. I hope you don’t mistake it for communication.”

The SSG club immediately issued a statement and said, “The suspicion of the secret power is not true,” and said, “It is one of the people who act as advisors.”

The clarification further fueled suspicion, and fans’ anger spread like wildfire, as if fuel was poured into a burning house. SSG fans, who immediately took action, are holding truck protests at Shinsegae and Shinsegae Department Store headquarters.

On the truck’s electronic board, “There is no need for secret service in Incheon baseball, Shinsegae’s networking baseball is out” “Owner Jeong Yong-jin kicks out the baterang and puts the unskilled trouser manager” “Thank you to Landerson fans who are number one in the home crowd. phrases appeared.

In fact, the reason Incheon baseball fans react hard to this controversy is because of the ‘sense of loss due to baseball’ they have experienced.

In fact, despite the fact that Incheon is the ‘gudo’ where baseball’s roots were first laid down, fans experienced more events than any other region after the professional launch.

The Incheon-based professional teams, which were weak teams until the mid-1990s, seemed to be in their prime, experiencing their first championship after transforming into the Hyundai Unicorns. However, after the 1999 season, Hyundai, which received absolute support, suddenly announced the relocation of its hometown, and at this time, the loss of Incheon baseball fans was indescribable.

SK Wyverns, who took root in Incheon in the 2000s, put spotainment at the forefront, and in the late 2000s, they were reborn as a dynasty and succeeded in recapturing the hearts of fans who had turned around. However, the noise surrounding manager Kim Seong-geun’s resignation and the sudden sale of the club last year were events that made fans cry again. 토토

SSG Landers, which became the 6th team related to Incheon, quickly resolved the confusion and finally succeeded in rising to the top of the KBO league. In addition, owner Jeong Yong-jin, who has a special love for baseball, is presenting a rosy future to Incheon baseball fans by announcing the construction of the Cheongna Dome.

‘Secret line’ means wielding authority but not taking responsibility. Above all, the controversial figure is not a professional baseball manager and his ability has not been verified, so it raises concerns that the club may go down the wrong path. This is why Incheon baseball fans are worried and voice their concerns.