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The passion of Daejeon Bongmyeong Elementary School, the ‘handsome volleyball team’, “It’s fun to have fun with everyone coming together as one.”

In Hongcheon, where the National Youth Club Volleyball Tournament was held, the passion of Daejeon Bongmyeong Elementary School, the ‘handsome volleyball team’, was hotter than any other team.

Bongmyeong Elementary School participated in the upper elementary school boys’ division of the 2023 Hongcheon National Youth Club Volleyball Competition. With the nine players on the court and the passionate guidance of coach Eungyo Seong, they succeeded in passing the preliminary round, which was their goal.

Not only the players’ immersion in the game, but also the passion of the Bongmyeong Elementary School cheering squad stood out. Inside the Hongcheon National Sports Center gymnasium where the game was held, a banner announcing the ‘handsome volleyball team’ of Bongmyeong Elementary School also appeared.

Director Seong also expressed his gratitude. He said, “When the kids run, I run with them. “Some people say it feels like there are 10 players,” he said. “Parents and schools also help us a lot. They say they are thankful for being able to learn volleyball. “All students at school love volleyball,” he said emphatically.

Taejin Lee, a 6th grader who served as the captain of Bongmyeong Elementary School, started catching a volleyball in the 4th grade. Lee Tae-jin said, “When Teacher Seong-gyo came to Bongmyeong Elementary School, I took volleyball lessons during the school’s physical education class, and later I joined the club team.”

He then conveyed the charm of volleyball, saying, “The feeling of volleyball being enjoyed together by everyone coming together as one, hitting the ball and hitting it is fun.”

Taejin Lee’s favorite volleyball player is Keita. Keita, from Mali, is a 206cm Apogee striker and has played in the V-League for two seasons wearing the 2020 men’s professional volleyball KB Insurance uniform. Taejin Lee said, “I like Keita. He said, “I haven’t seen the game in person yet, but I would like to see it if I come to Korea again.”

Taejin Lee is also a badminton player. He is more interested in volleyball, but has concerns about his height. Taejin Lee said with a disappointed expression, “I want to play volleyball, but I don’t think I’m taller.”

Bongmyeong Elementary School exercises three times a week. Director Seong said, “Some of the skills have improved, but the children have also become more united among themselves and have built trust with each other. I have met these friends since the second semester of 4th grade, and they have also grown a lot during that time. “I think my mind has grown as I have grown taller,” he said. “Yesterday, the kids in the dorm were watching the women’s volleyball team’s Asian Championship game on TV. The kids follow along well. “I am also happy when I am with children,” he said, expressing his affection for his students.스포츠토토

Coach Seong also has experience with corporate teams. He joined LG Oil Refining, the predecessor of GS Caltex. He said, “I played volleyball until I was 22. He went to LG Oil Refinery and didn’t do it for long,” he said. “This is my 7th year as a youth volleyball coach. He is also in charge of Daejeon Dosol Elementary School, and Dosol Elementary School won the championship in the first year. My daughter also played volleyball until high school. Her daughter said, ‘She’s a mother and she looks happiest when she’s with her kids.’ “My daughter also comes to the team and helps,” she said with a happy smile.

Youth club volleyball lasts up to three sets. The first and second sets are worth 21 points, and the third set is worth 15 points. Among them, there were some players who served before the referee’s whistle sounded. These are players who purely enjoy volleyball. However, his passion on the court was no less than that of a professional player. Regardless of the winners and losers, they seemed to have become one through volleyball.

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