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The Moon government bought 50,000 pieces for 10 billion in ‘piercing body armor’

The Board of Audit and Inspection found that the body armor provided to soldiers last year after a contract was signed during the Moon Jae-in administration was defective. However, the amount is 50,000 pieces, and the purchase amount reaches 10 billion won.

Reporter Hong Yeon-joo covered how this was possible and who should be held accountable.

As a result of a shooting test conducted by the Board of Audit and Inspection on Type I body armor supplied to the Army카지노사이트, bullets penetrated or the back side of some products were severely altered.

If it was a real battle, even the lives of soldiers could be at risk, but the Defense Acquisition Program Administration signed a contract for 56,000 of these underperformed body armor for 10.7 billion won in 2021, of which 49,000 have already been delivered.

It turned out that the company used a ‘trick’ of adding 6 layers of bulletproof material only to the 3 areas where bulletproof performance was measured during the quality test.

The central part, which was not padded with material, had poor bulletproof performance, but it was able to pass the test.

Gwonsang Kwon / Professor, Department of Advanced Materials System Engineering, Pukyong National University
“All parts should show the same performance, and it is not correct in principle to say that the level was artificially added to meet the accreditation standard.”

It turned out that the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality under the DAPA approved this even after knowing this fact, and took no further action even after receiving a complaint about performance manipulation three months later.

The Board of Audit and Inspection did not find out the circumstances in which the research institute teamed up with the company to pass the quality test, but requested the DAPA to limit the company’s qualifications to participate in the bidding and to discipline two people in charge who neglected quality control.

This is Hong Yeon-joo from TV Chosun.

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