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The Korean ice speed team finished the 4th World Cup… Kim Min-sun’s fighting spirit stood out

The run of 23-year-old Kim Min-seon (Uijeongbu City Hall), who is called the new ‘ice queen’, reaped the beauty of the end. 

On the 19th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), at the 2022-23 season International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup 4th Competition Women’s 1,000m Division A (first division) held in Calgary, Canada, Kim Min-sun recorded 1 minute 14 seconds 15 climbed to 7th

With this, Min-sun Kim maintained her world rankings at number 5 with her cumulative World Cup points of 162.

Despite the forced march that continued day after day, Kim Min-seon blew fire at the start of the day.

Kim Min-sun passed her first 200m in 17.45 seconds, first place overall. However, she lost her pace on the final curve due to exhaustion of her stamina, and she crossed the final finish line in 7th place. 

Starting with her ISU Four Continents Championships earlier this month, Kim Min-seon did not take a day off until the fourth World Cup, and she ran on the ice.  토토

On the 17th she won gold in the women’s 500m and on the 18th she went straight to the women’s team sprint. And on the 19th she ran as hard as she could when she competed in the women’s 1000m. 

In her first competition, she won a silver medal in the 1,000m event. A drop in the rankings of her 2nd to 4th competitions, which ran in the absence of her physical fitness arrangement, was inevitable. 

Kim Min-sun won the 1,000m at the Four Continents Championships held on the 5th.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-hoon (IHQ), who competed in the men’s mass start, fell in the final corner and finished 13th. 

The Korean speed skating team, which has completed the schedule for the 4th competition, plans to prepare for the 5th and 6th World Cups to be held in February of the following year after returning to Korea.