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“Thanks to Yubin”, “Thanks to my sister”… A 12-year pool is a ‘fantasy zodiac mate’

The doubles team of Shin Yoo-bin and Jeon Jeon-hee secured their first bronze medal at the World Table Tennis Championships in 12 years.
Reporter Choi Hyung-kyu met the two players, who are the same age but work together like siblings.

Shin Yoo-bin pushes her opponent to one side, and Jeon Jeon-hee hits an unoccupied corner to win the point.

The two, who worked in perfect synchronization to bring a world championship medal to Korean women’s table tennis for the first time in 12 years, are like siblings despite their age difference.

  • “We can do the award ceremony, big sister!”
  • “No, but I really am because of you.”

After winning their first individual World Championship medals, the two were overjoyed like little girls.

▶ Interview: JEON Jeon Hee / National Table Tennis Team

  • “I think I’m glad I waited until Yubin was older, and I think I’m here because of her.”

▶ Interview: Shin Yubin / National Table Tennis Team

  • “I’m happy that I’m eating well and growing up, and I have an older sister who makes it easier for me….”

Despite meeting the world’s strongest team, China, on the threshold of the final, the two believed in each other and were determined to win.

Interview: Shin Yubin / Table Tennis National Team

  • “I think it’s good that we secured안전놀이터 the bronze medal, and our goal is to win one more match….”

Interview: Jeon Jeon-hee / Table Tennis National Team

  • “I think I’ll have to prepare well because I’ll be playing against the world number one player from China. Go for it!”

▶ Standing: Choi Hyung-gyu / Journalist (Durban, South Africa)

  • “With two men’s doubles teams in the semifinals and at least three medals secured, the national team will now challenge for the first time in eight years for a gold medal at the World Championships. I’m MBN News’ Choi Hyung-kyu, reporting from Durban, South Africa.”
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