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‘Strongest Coach’ Jung Geun-woo “The players who cried at the words of Mojin, we were one team”

‘Choi Kang-woo baseball on Mondays, women’s baseball on weekends, Choi Kang-woo every day.

It’s a phrase that the members of the South Korean women’s national baseball team came up with together, but it couldn’t be more appropriate to describe their coach, Jung Geun-woo.

On Mondays, Jung meets viewers on JTBC’s “Choi Kang Baseball,” on weekends, he meets female players as the head coach of the Korean Women’s National Baseball Team, and on a daily basis, he is a father of three, a loving husband, and a member of the Korean Baseball Organization’s (KBO) talent donation committee, teaching tee ball to frontline elementary schools. It’s a life like Superman.메이저사이트

In his inaugural interview with Sports Seoul, Jung said, “‘Strongest Baseball’ is like another ‘chance’ for me after my unfortunate retirement (in 2020). I’m hearing a lot of people my age who have retired from work and are living a second life say that they have gained hope and courage from watching this program. I feel so grateful and responsible.” He took over as the head coach and fielding coach of the women’s national baseball team and brought hope and courage to the nation this summer with a bronze medal.

National team head coach Chung Geun-woo (second from right) encourages his players during the third-place game against Hong Kong on April 1. Lam Tin (Hong Kong) | Reporting by Hwang Hye-jung.

Chung, a former second baseman for the national team and a veteran of several international tournaments, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2009 World Baseball Classic (WBC), has been with the women’s national team for more than six months. In that time, she has refined and refined the team’s tactics. Before coming to Hong Kong, the team re-established their runner’s signature and practiced bunting, rundown plays, and stealing multiple times with Chung.

As a result, the team made no errors against the world’s top-ranked team, Japan, and scored five runs against the world’s second-ranked team, Chinese Taipei. Finally, the team constantly shook up the Philippines’ infield, which was playing power baseball with hot passion along with cool tactics.

Coach Jung Geun-woo instructs his players during the game. By Lam Tin (Hong Kong) | Hwang Hye Jung.

It hasn’t always been all sunshine and roses during the Asian Cup. After losing to Japan in the first round of the Asian Cup group stage last month, Chung was furious.

“The players were saying, ‘We lost to Japan in five cold games, but last time we lost in four cold games, so we won this time. “No matter how strong Japan is in the world, you have to win every game. We are the national team. We didn’t come to Hong Kong for tourism. I was angry and bitter toward the players.”

Then, in the early hours of the morning, just hours before the game against the Philippines with a spot in the WBSC on the line, catcher and captain Choi Min-hee grabbed Chung and sobbed.

“Please don’t give up on us,” she said. Coach Chung calmly replied, “Don’t cry, I know we’re outclassed by Japan, but we can’t lose our pride. Some players are saying that we won when we lost to Japan in the fifth inning.” He inspired the team to fight.

And as we all know, it was a happy ending. The team qualified for the World Baseball Classic with a 9-5 win over the Philippines on March 28.

Women’s National Baseball Team Head Coach Jung Geun-woo and Battery Coach Heo Il-sang cry after the victory over the Philippines. Crying next to Jung is captain Choi Min-hee. By Lam Tin (Hong Kong) | Hwang Hye-jung.

Coach Jung Geun-woo was in tears with Battery coach Heo Il-sang after the win against the Philippines. It was the result of hard training and bitter words to his favorite players. Chung knew how hard the players had worked to achieve this feat, following his training program without complaint.

“The players executed 100% of my game plan in this tournament,” said Chung. Coach Yang Sang-moon, coaches Lee Dong-hyun, Heo Il-sang and Jung Yong-woon, and the players all worked together as a team.”

Despite his many accomplishments as a player, including an Olympic gold medal, WBC runner-up, and Korean Series title, Chung said he never cried, but this time he did. “When I was coaching, I could see each player’s play, so when I saw how happy they were to beat the Philippines, I couldn’t help but cry,” he laughed.

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