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‘Stay with me, I’ll pay you even if you don’t work,’ says farmer to foreign woman.

A foreign woman, Ms. A, came to South Korea in December 2019 and got a job at a vegetable farm in Jeonnam Province, according to a legal report on Nov. 21. The farm was short on labor, so A, in her 20s, was assigned to harvest the crops.

She had only been working for the farm for a few months when the owner안전놀이터, Mr. B, approached her. Mr. A went into town with Mr. B to send his wages to his home country. It was late at night and at the motel where they decided to stay, Mr. B sexually assaulted her. Two weeks later, Ms. A was victimized again when she traveled to Seoul with Mr. B to obtain a work visa. This resulted in an unwanted pregnancy and an abortion.

She accused Mr. B of rape, and after a lengthy investigation, the trial began in 2022. Mr. B argued in court that he and Ms. A had consensual sex, but given the specificity and consistency of the victim’s account, it was reasonable to conclude that the sex was not consensual but one-sided.

In addition, Mr. B had sent messages before the first offense saying, “If you stay with me, I will pay you even if you don’t work. After the offense, he said, “I won’t try to have sex with you without your permission in the future, so let’s go out together.

In February 2022, the first instance court sentenced Mr. B to four years in prison. “The defendant took advantage of the fact that the victim spoke very little Korean and had no one around her to ask for help,” the court said, noting that “the victim’s suffering as a result of this crime was great, as she had to find a job to make a living in a strange land with no relatives to support her family.” Mr. B appealed, but it made no difference. The verdict was upheld on appeal.

After the criminal trial, Mr. A filed a claim for damages against Mr. B for 100 million won.

The court that heard the case ruled that Mr. A should compensate the woman 70 million won. “Shortly after she started working, Ms. A was raped twice, became pregnant, and had an abortion,” the court said, noting that “Mr. B did not ask for forgiveness, denied the allegations, and did not make any effort to recover the damage.”

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