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Son Heung-min, comeback as a ‘solver’ against West Ham? → Tottenham ‘Aiming for a twist’

– Tottenham, a stagnant flow with two consecutive league-champions… At 1:30 am on the 20th, at home game against West Ham, shall we make a reversal

– Son Heung-min also consecutive ‘goal silence’… 안전놀이터 Tottenham Hotspur ( hereinafter referred to

as Tottenham) is bringing West Ham United home after two consecutive defeats. Can Tottenham, mired in a two-game losing streak, turn the tide?

This match is a confrontation between Tottenham, who is trying to re-enter the ‘TOP 4’, and West Ham, who have barely escaped the relegation zone. In terms of ranking, Tottenham has the upper hand, but the current atmosphere is slightly better for West Ham.

In the last five league games, they have won 6 points with 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss, and in the last two matches, they have won valuable points against strong teams Newcastle and Chelsea, which is not a bad trend. However, there is still a high risk of relegation, so we need to secure as many points as possible in all remaining matches. Can West Ham catch Tottenham and escape from the relegation zone?

The atmosphere of the home team, Tottenham, is rather gloomy. In the last league game, they suffered a 1-4 loss to Leicester, who were ranked far lower, and also gave up victories in the subsequent match against AC Milan. Now, with the support of the home fans on their backs, they have to end their losing streak.

As they have only scored one or no goals in the last three games, it seems that the outcome of the game will depend on the performance of the offensive team, including Son Heung-min, Kane, and Kulusevski.

Attention is also drawn to Son Heung-min, whose silence is getting longer with his 100th Premier League goal in front of him. In the league match against Man City, he was evaluated as “a constant threat” even without a goal, but after two defeats, the local media continued to criticize him.

As the title of top scorer last season shone, the evaluation of his sluggishness is all the more sober. In a situation where there is talk of exclusion from selection or transfer, can Son Heung-min show off his goal and become a solver?

Tottenham’s 24th round of the Premier League, which is aiming for a rebound, can be watched on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW in the early morning of the 20th.

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