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“Son Heung-min? A good player whether he is a starter or not… he will survive”

There was a positive evaluation of Son Heung-min.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time), “Steve Brown, who had experience in the English Premier League (EPL), did not think that Son Heung-min was a player who would cause problems just because he could not play a few games.”토토사이트

Son Heung-min was the top scorer in the EPL last season. However, he is having a rather rough time this season. Above all, the number of points has decreased significantly. He so far he is scoring 5 goals in the league. After scoring a hat-trick against Leicester City in mid-September, he was silent for about three months. And in early January he scored one goal against Crystal Palace.

As a result, it was even argued that Son Heung-min should be excluded from the selection. Son Heung-min suffered an orbital fracture injury in a match against Olympique Marseille in early November. Wearing a specially made mask and competing in the World Cup, he had to digest a tight schedule without recovering properly from his injury. He was not in a situation where his performance could rise.

However, since the end of January, he seems to be recovering little by little. Son Heung-min reported a multi-goal in the FA Cup match against Preston (2nd division), which is evaluated as one step below the power after posting one assist against Fulham. And in the match against Manchester City in early February, he showed active movement. At that time, Tottenham defeated Man City 1-0.

However, the upward trend was short-lived, and Tottenham lost both matches. They lost 1-4 to Leicester City and 0-1 to AC Milan. Son Heung-min started both games, but did not show a clear performance. In the end, Son Heung-min was excluded from the selection list for the 24th round of the EPL against West Ham United on the 20th.

Instead of Son Heung-min, Richarlison started. And Son Heung-min came on as a substitute in the 23rd minute of the second half, and he proved why he had to play in the 4th minute. Son Heung-Min received an exquisite pass from Harry Kane in the 27th minute of the second half and split West Ham’s net with a neat finish. Tottenham ended their losing streak with a 2-0 victory thanks to Son Heung-min’s goal.

According to ‘BBC’, Brown, an EPL player, said, “Son Heung-min is not a player who will feel miserable if he is excluded from starting one or two games. He understands the situation and will patiently wait for an opportunity. He is a good player. A good player will rebound someday even if he is not in good condition.”

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