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Soccer players, gangsters.. EPL, 2 billion fines accumulated for ‘referee attack’

Do British soccer players look down on referees?

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time) that ‘Premier League and Championship clubs were fined a whopping £1.3 million (about 2 billion won) for violent and aggressive behavior this season’.

The Sun said, “The Football Association has revealed the details of the disciplinary action given to the player and manager who committed the foul. The amount collected as a fine is an astounding amount,” he added.

The Sun does not include the cases of Alexander Mitrovic and Marco Silva, who received a red card after 40 seconds in Fulham’s FA Cup quarter-final. 54 clubs were fined in 92 cases,’ he explained.

Arsenal paid $185,000 (about 300 million won) in fines, the highest in the Premier League this season. Manchester United paid 137,000 pounds (about 220 million won) and Everton paid 115 million pounds (about 180 million won)바카라사이트. These are the only three clubs that have accumulated fines of more than £100,000 (approximately 160 million won).

Among Premier League teams, Newcastle United, Brentford, Leicester City, Bournemouth and Southampton have never been suspended for the above reasons. This is a very fair play club.

The Sun said: ‘Mitrovic behaved terribly in Fulham’s FA Cup quarter-final defeat. It is expected that the level of punishment will increase. This is a natural result,” he predicted, accumulating fines.

Still, ‘It’s been five years since we started the Respect campaign again at Wembley. Rude behavior has fallen to an all-time low. A total of £932,500 (about 1.5 billion won) in fines was collected if only the Premier League clubs were counted. If Mitrovic’s fine is confirmed, it will eventually exceed £1 million,’ he said.

The interesting thing is that Arsenal, which ranks first in the Premier League, is also ranked first in the penalty ranking.

The Sun said: ‘Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has often been criticized for his touchline behaviour. Arsenal don’t seem to be concerned about disciplinary violations’.

According to The Sun, the biggest single fine was £75,000 (about 100 million won), which came against Manchester City and Arsenal.

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