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Shin Chang-won, emergency evacuation…extreme choice attempt

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◇Anchor> A prisoner serving a long term in prison known as an escaped prisoner in the 1990s. Many of you will remember it. There are reports that Shin Chang-won made an extreme choice while in prison. What is it about?

◆Kim Seong-soo> Recently, Shin Chang-won was in prison for 21 days. He was discovered on the 21st at around 8 pm after trying an extreme choice, so it is said that he is in such a state that there is no danger to his life. In the past, around 2011, I made an extreme choice once.

There are many speculations about how this happened in 12 years. One of the speculations is that Changwon Shin’s father died recently. There are also stories like this that there was a mental shock related to that part. There are several opinions coming out.

◇Anchor> I see. Lastly, I pointed out the extreme choice of Mr. Shin Chang-won, but he said that his life is not in a critical situation now, so if there is any additional news about how this happened, I will tell you again.

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