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Seong Han-soo, the new head of ‘Real Gimcheon’ “Pep Tae-wan’s successor? It’s not a burden at all

 Director Kim Cheon, where Korea’s top soccer players gather for military service. The nickname is ‘Real Kimcheon’ borrowed from the prestigious Spanish soccer team ‘Real Madrid’.

Kimcheon, who boasts a colorful player composition, will be with a new command tower from 2023. Coach Seong Han-soo (47), who took the helm of Gimcheon ahead of the new season, was full of confidence.

Sports Korea talked about the plan for this season with manager Seong Han-soo in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, the first winter training ground for Kim Cheon’s 2023 season.

Since the former leader has been with the team for a long time, Seong, who has just started his career as a professional team coach, can be burdened with taking the helm of Kim Cheon.

However, Director Sung was full of confidence rather than burden. He said, “I think we should show Seong Han-soo’s color while keeping what he inherited from coach Kim Tae-wan. The coach also told me to ‘play the football you want to play comfortably’.”온라인카지노

Due to the nature of Kim Cheon’s Sangmu team, sergeant players are discharged and new players are enlisted. Due to the wide range of changes in the squad, it is inevitable that the manager will have difficulties in applying and adapting his tactical colors to the team.

In response, coach Seong said, “Lee Young-jae, Kim Ji-hyun, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Kang Yun-seong will be discharged in June. It is also true that Kim Cheon’s performance was not good during the players’ discharge period. The coach will step in and encourage the players and fill the gap as much as possible. New players We are preparing to show 100% performance by then

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