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Seol Young-woo, who was trained by Hong Myung-bo and only expects cleans, shows stormy growth

Honestly, he’s handsome. And when he falls, he gets up right away and goes to catch his opponent. It’s so cool.”

Ulsan Hyundai has seen a significant increase in female fans since winning the K-League 1 last year. Even during weekday games, fans who visit the stadium wearing blue uniforms can be seen conspicuously. On the 9th, 5,318 spectators also visited the midweek game against Gangwon FC. If it was the same time as the previous year, it is truly one of a kind in that it is at the level of 1,000 people.

An interesting event took place outside the stadium that day. Recently, side defender Seol Young-woo (25), who has emerged as a ‘pretty boy’ in Ulsan, has created a meeting place where he can meet fans up close. It is not unusual for female fans to gather in uniforms with the name of ‘Seol Young-woo’ engraved on them. Waiting for the event outside two hours before the game was impressive.

Fans were delighted after seeing Seol Young-woo. Han Ji-yoon (27), a fan I met in front of the store during halftime, said, “I like her appearance, but I was impressed by her ability to block and like the opponent’s striker. It would be nice. Director Jurgen Klinsmann called it once, so I hope from a fan’s point of view that he will continue to go forward.”

Seol Young-woo made his professional debut in 2020 through Ulsan Hyundai. He built a record in 2021 with 2 goals and 3 assists in 32 games, and is proving his selflessness last year with 3 assists in 34 games. He showed that he stands out when he grows up as a native of Ulsan youth.

Ulsan also sees growth potential with good looks and skills, and is promoting it as a major player in various external marketing events for the club. Along with his eldest brothers Lee Cheong-yong and Jo Hyun-woo, he is also active as a public relations ambassador for Ulsan University Hospital.

Seol Young-woo, whose main position is right-sided defender, is that he can play both left and right. He can also play as a side midfielder at times. On the right side of Ulsan, Kim Tae-hwan (34) is guarding the right side, but coach Hong Myung-bo is giving Seol Young-woo a chance to start. Considering the age of Kim Tae-hwan, who is heading towards his mid-thirties, it is good for the team to have a young resource of the starting lineup along with the physical arrangement.

▲ Seol Young-woo joined the national team immediately after the match against Colombia in March as a substitute for Kim Jin-soo’s injury. A generational change in appearance is underway. ⓒKorea Football Association

▲ Seol Young-woo joined the national team immediately after the match against Colombia in March as a substitute for Kim Jin-soo’s injury. A generational change in appearance is underway. ⓒKorea Football Association

An official from Ulsan said, “(Seol) Young-woo is a friend with a very good heart. I think he has that because he’s young, but he’s ready to do it even if he asks for a difficult job. I’m doing enough in ,” he replied.

Kim Jin-soo (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) left after the Colombia match in March due to a back injury, and he was lucky to be selected as a substitute. It was possible because the venue was Ulsan, but coach Klinsman met and talked with coach Hong Myung-bo in advance, and after checking the Ulsan game in person, he decided to call in an emergency situation. I learned the atmosphere by watching the game against Uruguay directly from the bench.

Coach Hong does not easily praise individual players, but was positive about Seol Young-woo’s future. Kim Jin-soo and Hong-cheol (33, Daegu FC) took turns as left-sided defenders, and Park Min-gyu (28, Kim Cheon) was tested, but Seol Young-woo is also considered to be sufficiently competitive.

Team A coach, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Although he is young, he knows exactly the timing to hit the cross. He seems to have come out through a lot of practice, and his judgment on the situation stands out. It will hurt, but there is also a feeling that he will become a side defender who can go to Europe following the genealogy of Song Jong-guk, Lee Young-pyo and Kim Jin-soo.”

Of course, you need to play more games. Still, Director Hong simply said, “Young-Woo Seol is a friend who will do well.” This is the part where you can see the confidence and anticipation of your beloved disciple. If coach Klinsman carries out a gradual generational change from the A match in June, Seol Young-woo is the number one caller. In some cases, it can be used as a wild card for the Asian Games in Hangzhou or the Paris Olympics next year.

Seol Young-woo played full-time as a right-sided defender against FC Seoul on the 14th. All 12 games he started as a starter were full-time. It is a resource that can be put forward comfortably even during the happy worries of coach Hong that it is difficult안전놀이터 to make a list.

Both sides can be used to complement the left side, as well as an interesting competition with Kim Tae-hwan and Kim Moon-hwan (Jeonbuk Hyundai) on the right side. In other words, manager Hong, who makes good defenders, has become an exquisite helper for director Klinsman’s operation. From now on, all that remains is to take good care of himself and grow up.

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