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Self-employed people are so envious of Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon’s Jeju cafe…’blue ribbon’ in less than a year

Singer Lee Sang-soon’s cafe has received a blue ribbon less than a year after opening.

On the 22nd, Lee Sang-soon’s Jeju cafe Longplay announced through social networking services (SNS), “It’s been a year since Longplay opened in Dongbok-ri. I was worried about whether customers would visit often due to the clumsy start and reservation system. Thankfully, we’ve gotten some mainland customers who keep coming back and some islanders who ask for greetings,” he said, thanking customers for visiting the cafe.

Singer Lee Sang-soon runs Longplay, a cafe on Jeju Island. Photo: Instagram capture

Singer Lee Sang-soon runs Longplay, a cafe in Jeju. Photo via Instagram

“Thanks to the continuous interest and support of our customers, we were able to grow and receive the blue ribbon so quickly,” said Lee Sang-soon, adding, “I am truly grateful.” “Longplay will continue to be by the side of our customers,” she said.

The Blue Ribbon Survey, meanwhile, is the first Korean restaurant guidebook published in 2005, and restaurants must be thoroughly verified by both public and professional evaluators in various areas such as taste and hygiene to receive the Blue Ribbon. It was created by combining the strengths of the French Michelin Guide and the American Zagat Survey, and is considered a 안전놀이터‘must-visit’ restaurant evaluation standard for foodies.

Lee opened Cafe Longplay in Gujwa-eup, Jeju last July, but was quickly overwhelmed by tourists, and within two days, the restaurant was forced to shut down and switch to a reservation system.

Afterward, Lee said on Instagram, “The cafe is entirely me, Lee Sang-soon. I would like to tell you that my wife has nothing to do with this cafe,” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “Sometimes I would like to stop by when I have time and have a cup of coffee and a small talk with customers, but this incident made me realize that it is more difficult than I thought.” He continued, “I took a step back and looked at the whole process. “I will take a step back and take charge of the overall operation, play good music, and try to introduce the specialties of great roasteries in Korea,” he said.

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