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‘Secretariat’ opening series ‘Time 28 minutes ↓-steal 140%↑’

Major League Baseball held its opening series. The secretariat’s intentions were all right. Game time has decreased and stolen bases have increased significantly.

In the major leagues바카라사이트, after the opening game of the 2023 season on the 31st of last month (hereinafter Korean time), each team had at least 3 games and as many as 4 games until the 3rd.

The big change from this opening series is the reduction in playing time and the increase in stolen bases. All of them turned out as intended by the MLB Secretariat.

CBS Sports reported that the average duration of 50 games in the opening series on the 3rd was 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is a decrease of 28 minutes compared to 3 hours and 6 minutes of 49 games in the opening series last year.

His stolen bases per game went up from 0.51 to 1.40. In the opening series last year, he had 29 stolen bases in 49 games, but this time he had 70 stolen bases in 50 games.

In other words, game time decreased and stolen bases increased. This was in line with the intention of the MLB Secretariat, which reduced the game time with the pitch clock and induced stealing by restricting checks and increasing the size of the base.

Major League Baseball revised rules last winter to limit pitch clocks, increase base size, limit checks, and limit defensive shifts.

The intention is to reduce game time, but give advantages to batting and baserunning, prevent the departure of existing baseball fans through more aggressive baseball, and increase the influx of new baseball fans.

This was reflected in a decrease in opening series game time and an increase in stolen bases. The BABIP of left-handed batters who suffered damage from defensive shifts is also expected to rise.

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