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“Prestigious monk, father of two?” Controversy over, publisher pulls out

A Buddhist monk with a prestigious university education and a TV career has been accused of being the father of a child. In response, the publishing company involved in the publishing contract cancelled the contract.

On the 2nd, Publisher A said, “In consultation with the author, the book is out of print and the exclusive author management contract has been terminated토토사이트,” in reference to Monk B, whose personal affairs have recently been suspected. The publisher said that the book was taken out of print on the 1st and that it would return all advances and destroyed books.

The monk was recently embroiled in allegations that he had married and fathered a child with a woman from the same sect. “He joined a small Buddhist sect that allows intermarriage, got married and had his first child, then moved to the Jogye sect and asked for a fake divorce,” the source claimed in the media. “After the divorce, he continued to see the woman and had a second child.” According to the source, the monk is now seeking a formal divorce, not a sham divorce, and the children do not know who their father is.

The monk has attracted attention for juggling his studies and practice after leaving the monastery a year after entering a prestigious university. He has already published several books. He has also been actively communicating with the public through his YouTube channel and social media.

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