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‘Pohang Debut – Debut Goal’ Hong Yun-sang “After being replaced, I conceded 2 runs, so I said I wouldn’t be able to play the next game…”

He made his debut goal a theatrical goal in his debut game for the ‘parent’ Pohang Steelers. The dramatic protagonist is Hong Yun-sang (21) from Seonggol Youth.

Hong Yun-sang was replaced in the 35th minute of the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 round 27 home game against Daejeon Hana Citizen held at Pohang Steel Yard on the 20th, leading 3-1, and the game ended in the 53rd minute in the second half when it was driven to 3-3. He shook the net with a sensational header just before and led the team to a 4-3 victory.

The hellish time was first. He was standing in the substitution area to step on the K-League stage of his dreams, but the opponent’s pursuit goal broke. It was 35 minutes into the second half. 3-1, but there was still room. Afterwards, he was replaced by Baek Sung-dong and stepped on the ground. However, three minutes later, they conceded again. Finally, even in the extra time of the second half (51st minute), the equalizer started from the right flank, his own line when defending.

Hong Yoon-sang, who recalled the situation at the time, said, “After I was replaced, I was told that I couldn’t play the next game because I scored 2 goals… It was a very difficult game, but I did not give up. I am really happy to score my debut goal and win.”

Hong Yoon-sang, who is from Jeju Island, was born in Seonggol Youth after going through Pohang Jecheoldong Elementary School, Pohang Jecheol Middle School, and Pohang Jecheol High School. In 2014, when he was a 5th grader at Pohang Jecheoldong Elementary School, he received the Grand Prize at the Cha Bum-geun Soccer Award, which was awarded to Park Ji-sung, Ki Sung-yong, and Hwang Hee-chan. In 2019 he competed at the Under-17 World Cup in Brazil. In 2020, he led Pohang to win the tournament’s best player award and the K-League Under-18 Youth Championship. Hong Yun-sang was named to the Olympic team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong in March and participated in the Doha Cup under-22 friendly match.

Hong Yoon-sang, who was a promising striker that Korean football was paying attention to, left for Wolfsburg, Germany, as soon as he graduated from Pohang Jecheol High School in 2021. variable has occurred. Due to the aftermath of Corona 19, all youth and official matches were canceled. However, Hong Yun-sang received high praise in his own training and practice matches. Wolfsburg raised the potential of Hong Yun-sang, who had been watching him for half a season, and activated the complete transfer clause in the summer of that year. Afterwards, Hong Yun-sang turned to rental to gain experience. Wolfsburg disbanded the B team (2nd team), but played on loan in Austria’s St. Polten, which had a cooperative relationship in the B team format. From last season, he returned to Germany and played on loan at Nuremberg, where he scored 7 goals and 9 assists in 26 appearances.

Yunsang Hong. Photo courtesy of the Professional Football League
Hong Yun-sang said, “I wanted a performance that would help the team rather than a goal. He added, “I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until anyone says, ‘That player is really good. He deserves to go to Europe again.'”

He also said, “Challenging in Europe was my childhood dream. I worked hard. Of course, I was able to stay in Europe, but there were various problems. I wanted to play soccer with a more relaxed mind. There is no difference between Europe and the K-League. Thank you for everything. live,” he said.메이저사이트

Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong wanted Hong Yun-sang to quickly adapt to the K-League tempo. Regarding this, Yunsang Hong said, “Honestly, I didn’t play for a few minutes that day, and I experienced practice matches, but I haven’t adapted to the K-League yet. explained.

Hong Yoon-sang, who is evaluated as possessing the three elements of attack, such as speed, point, and connection ability, kicked the ball together with Kim Jun-ho, who is the son of coach Kim and is active as a defensive midfielder in the third year of the K-League, since elementary school.

Hong Yoon-sang said, “I’ve been friends with Jun-ho since elementary school. We live together in a dorm and currently live in Pohang. Jun-ho didn’t say much before the game and said, ‘Have fun,’ but after the game, he said, ‘You’re lucky.’ He said,” he laughed. He said, “I’m from Jeju Island, so when I was in school, it was difficult to go home if I stayed out overnight, so I slept a lot at my friends’ house in Pohang. At the time, I also slept a lot at Junho’s house. At that time, I called director Kim my father, but now I have to adapt to the title of director.” showed a smile

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