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“Pep wants”… Manchester City interested in signing Chelsea key MF ‘renewal difficulties’

Manchester City, which wants to reinforce the midfield, is aiming for the scout of Chelsea’s key midfielder Mateo Kovacic.토토사이트

The British media Telegraph reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “Man City are interested in Chelsea midfielder Kovacic.” 

Croatia midfielder Kovačić has been a regular starter since joining Chelsea from Real Madrid in the 2018/19 season. He has established himself as a key player in the team’s midfield, serving as a link between offense and defense in Chelsea’s midfield with his excellent ball guarding ability and stable dribble. 

With Chelsea, Kovačić also achieved outstanding achievements on the European stage, including winning the UEFA Champions League in the 2020/21 season and the UEFA Europa League in the 2018/19 season.

The Telegraph said: “Kovačić is one of many Chelsea players whose contract expires in 2024. The situation has caught the attention of Manchester City and manager Pep Guardiola is a fan of Kovacic. He said that Man City are looking to sign him due to the contract situation of Kovacic. 

“If Kovacic does not agree to renew his contract with Chelsea, he could be the best and relatively inexpensive option for Manchester City. After moving to Chelsea, Raheem Sterling revealed that the player who impressed him most at Chelsea while he was a Manchester City player was Kovacic.” He also added why he wanted him. 

Manchester City expect Ilkay Gundogan to leave the club after this season, and Bernardo Silva has also said he wants a move since last summer. The newly recruited Calvin Phillips also failed to adapt to the team, so it is essential to reinforce the midfield in the summer transfer market. 

In the midst of this, it seems that Man City will be able to fill the void of existing resources relatively cheaply if it recruits Kovacic, a resource whose ability has been clearly confirmed in Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are also in a lot of trouble due to Kovacic’s renewal contract. According to the Telegraph report, Chelsea, which is rebuilding the team under manager Graham Porter, are trying to make a quick decision on players with one year remaining on contracts, including Kovacic. 

In the case of Kovacic, he has a clear advantage in terms of skills, so he is a player who can be of help to Chelsea’s midfield, so he is currently pursuing a renewal contract, but it is a burden to give Kovacic a high-salary contract, whose injury frequency has increased rapidly in recent years. 

Kovačić has made 16 Premier League appearances this season, but has only started eight of them, and was out for a month with an injury in January. He’s a Kovacic player who certainly shows good form in every game he plays, but if he doesn’t appear often, Chelsea will likely consider selling him. 

If Kovacic, who showed top-notch skills in the Premier League, escapes from Chelsea, which has recently been shaken, and aims for the top of the European stage once again under manager Guardiola, the fans watching Chelsea and Man City are expected to have mixed feelings.

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