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Overcoming two surgeries + special pitching sequence…local media loves Ryu’s story

A successful comeback and publicity for a veteran pitcher who underwent surgery and spent over a year rehabbing. It’s even the second time. In any community, such a narrative is highly sought-after, and for Ryu Hyun-jin (36-Toronto Blue Jays), who has won two games in a row, American media, clubs, and baseball fans are showering him with praise.

Ryu started the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) Baseball World Series away game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., on Sept. 21 and pitched five innings of four-hit, one-strikeout, two-run (unearned) baseball to lead Toronto to a 10-3 victory and earn the win. On the day, Ryu used his main weapons, a changeup and a cut fastball (cutter), as well as a low velocity curveball that touched just 105-72 mph, to knock out the league’s leading “run-scoring machine,” Joey Votto, and divine infielder Eli De La Cruz.

His opponent, Hunter Green, unleashed a fastball that reached nearly 100 mph. The young fireballer, a symbol of strength and grit, was shut down for nine runs on 10 hits in three innings, highlighting the pitching of Ryu Hyun-jin, who showed his trademark ability to “control the pace.

On the day, the Toronto club’s official social media outlets posted the Korean phrase ‘Ryu Hyun-jin’s form is crazy’. The phrase refers to a new internet expression used by Korean sports fans to describe athletes who are at the peak of their performance.

On that day, Ryu’s four-seam fastball was never clocked above 90 mph (144.8 km/h). However, he was able to use his changeup combination and accurate delivery to strike out the side with his fastball in the clutch.

“He kept hitters off-balance with an effective mix of pitches,” said the Toronto Star, a Canadian media outlet. He was able to get strikes with all of his pitches,” said the Toronto Star. also said, “Ryu doesn’t throw an awe-inspiring fastball, but he’s a smart pitcher. He knows how to read hitters’ willingness to swing. Aggressive hitters have a hard time with him. He showed in Cincinnati what he’s capable of.” Charlie Goldsmith, a reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, was tongue-in-cheek when he said, “He dominated the Cincinnati hitters with his 70 mph curveball.”안전놀이터

Ryu had an uncertain rehabilitation from shoulder surgery in 2015. But he returned to the mound, and with his new weapon, a cutter, he became one of the league’s best pitchers, leading the league in ERA (2.32 in 2019), earning an All-Star Game start, and being named to the final three Cy Young Award teams. Last season, an elbow injury sent him back to the operating table, but he was healthy again. The elbow had already been cut twice before. Ryu is back on his feet.

Canadian outlet Sportsnet reported on its radio program that Ryu, whose four-year contract ends this season, deserves an extension. They said a one-year deal or a two-year deal with an option would be reasonable.

Ryu’s ability to dominate hitters with his relatively slow fastball and the experience he has gained overcoming two long hiatuses since coming to the MLB. Ryu is a special player in the MLB. Korean baseball fans are getting sleepless nights again.

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