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On Sunday, the nationwide rainy season begins… Rain until the 30th (

On the 25th, the last Sunday of June, monsoon rain will fall안전놀이터 across the country. On this day, it is expected that the congestion front will be affected from Jeju to the central part of the metropolitan area, and if the whole country enters the rainy season at the same time, it is expected to be the 7th ‘national simultaneous rainy season’ in two years after 2021.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration on the 22nd, monsoon rain will fall across the country on the 25th and 27th as the static front that stayed in the north of Taiwan and the south sea of ​​Japan moves north.

Predicted rainfall for this period has not yet been released. Park Joong-hwan, a forecast analyst at the Korea Meteorological Administration, said, “It is expected that there will be a lot of rain as a large amount of hot and humid air flows in.”

Jeju and southern regions will be affected by the stagnation front, while the central region will be affected by low pressure developed on the stagnation front passing into the West Sea.

The monsoon rain began to fall in Jeju and the southern coast in the morning of the 25th, and from the afternoon of the 25th to the 26th, it will mainly fall in the central region. After that, as the congestion front moves south again, heavy rain is expected in Jeju and southern regions.As considerable precipitation is expected, flood damage may occur in lowlands and agricultural areas. Water can suddenly rise in valleys and streams. There is a possibility that water may flow backwards from sewage and rainwater pipes and drains, so it is necessary to prepare for safety accidents overall.The monsoon rain was predicted to fall until the 27th.However, there is a possibility that the congestion front will again head north from Jeju on the afternoon of the 28th and it will rain until the 30th, so it can repeat raining and stopping until the end of this month. The Meteorological Administration predicted through a mid-term forecast that the weather would be cloudy on the 28th and 30th, with a 40% chance of precipitation.There have been six cases in which the rainy season has been observed simultaneously across the country in 1973, 1980, 1983, 2007, 2019, and 2021. If the rainy season starts nationwide at the same time this time, it will be recorded as the 7th time the rainy season started simultaneously across the country.In normal years, the rainy season started on June 19 in Jeju, on the 23rd in the southern part, and on the 25th in the central part. If the rainy season starts on the 25th, it will start six days later than normal in Jeju and two days later in the southern region.However, the possibility of simultaneous rainy season nationwide is still highly volatile. Forecast analyst Park said, “There is still high variability in the movement of tropical turbulence at low latitudes and the extent and intensity of the congestion front moving north.” In addition, the deviation of the numerical model (model) that predicts the location of rain clouds is wide at 600 km from north to south, so there is a limit to predicting the exact location of the congestion front.The Korea Meteorological Administration announced that it would disclose details related to the rainy season through follow-up forecasts around the 25th.

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