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Ohtani’s hitting distance and trout were also surprised

Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Los Angeles Angels of the US Major League Baseball showed off an exciting home run show in free betting. 토토사이트

On the 21st (Korean time), Ohtani participated in the Los Angeles Angels’ spring camp in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Nikkan Sports said, “Ohtani swung a total of 22 times in free batting and sent 10 batted balls over the fence.” 

What was as surprising as hitting a home run was the distance. Los Angeles Angels main gun Mike Trout was astounding. Nikkan Sports said, “Ohtani’s batted ball spread like a fan in any direction,” and “There was also a ball that passed the clubhouse in the right field. The estimated distance was 140m.” Trout, who hit his 350th MLB career home run with this batted ball, said in surprise to David Fletcher, who was next to him, “Did you see Ohtani’s bat fly over the roof?” 

Nikkan Sports added, “Ohtani swung the bat much more aggressively than usual, perhaps conscious of participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).”    

Ohtani has hit a total of 80 home runs in the big leagues over the past two years. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) is the only player who hit more home runs than Ohtani during this period. Ohtani’s average home run distance in the last two seasons is 125.5m, which is considerable. He is one of the candidates for the 2023 Home Run King selected by 

In this WBC, Ohtani is highly likely to double as a pitcher. According to local media in Japan, the starting pitcher for the Korean game on the 10th of next month is Yu Darvish (San Diego Padres), and the mood is getting stronger. However, even if Ohtani does not go to the mound as a pitcher against Korea, he can play as a batter, so he is always a threatening opponent for our national team. I have no choice but to pay close attention to Ohtani’s condition. 

Ohtani is scheduled to play as a hitter against the Chicago White Sox on the 27th and against the San Francisco Giants on the 28th. Then, on March 2, he will start against the Milwaukee Brewers. After that, he joins the Japanese national team. 

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