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Off-duty cop catches drunken man ‘assaulting taxi driver’

A police officer off-duty in the wee hours of the morning caught a drunken passenger in an alleyway hailing a cab and even assaulting the driver.
As it turns out, the officer was not a detective, but a first-year constable in the investigation division, and his quick response to the situation was remarkable.
Reporter Lee Si-yeol exclusively covered the story.

In the dark of dawn, two men were caught on CCTV in a frantic chase.

At around 1:20 a.m. yesterday (Feb. 2), a man in his 50s who had boarded a taxi without paying assaulted the driver and fled.

Standing: Lee Si-yeol / Reporter

  • “The man who gave chase hid behind this parking lot, and when the taxi driver who followed fell down, he assaulted him again.”

Moments later, someone quickly crossed the crosswalk and ran over the man who was assaulting him – Mr. A, a police officer with the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul.

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  • “Someone came running from the other side of the street…a person in a white t-shirt came and got it, and now he’s on top of it, subduing the person who was assaulting him…and he kept subduing him until a patrol car came.”

Mr. A was on his way home from a business trip 안전놀이터to Gangwon Province late at night,

He happened to witness the incident and was able to quickly defuse the situation to prevent further damage.

After subduing the man, Mr. A stayed at the scene until a patrol car arrived, and then left the scene once he had been fully debriefed.

The Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul says it has investigated the man who assaulted the taxi driver, charging him with assaulting a driver.

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