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‘Next year’s cherry blossom ending’ KB Stars and Hana One Q convene squads in April

 There are teams that have just had a sweet vacation, and there are teams that are already heading towards the end of the vacation. As the season ended early, KB Stars and Hana One Q started preparing for the next season early.

Unlike KBL, where group training is prohibited for 60 days after the end of the season, WKBL’s resumption of training is at the discretion of each team. Cheongju KB Stars and Bucheon Hana 1Q, which failed to advance to the playoffs last season, will be convened after taking a break for about a month to prepare for honor restoration.

Among the six teams, the first to be convened is KB Stars. KB Stars finished the season in 5th place with Park Ji-soo only participating in 9 games. KB Stars, which has lost its pride as a ‘defending champion’, will be convened on the 9th and will check the condition of the players through light training from the 10th.

For KB Stars, there are more important tasks than checking the condition of the players. It is an internal FA crackdown. In KB Stars, a total of five players안전놀이터, including Iseul Kang, who is considered the biggest player, Minjung Kim, Seongyoung Shim, Heejin Choi, and Jieun Park have obtained FA qualifications. It is the team with the most internal free agents.

An official from KB Stars said, “Kang Iseul is a player who is classified as a great fish again this time. He should enjoy his rights as a player. I will treat you with courtesy and do my best to negotiate. Internal control must be good. We will meet all the subjects at once,” he said. Those eligible for free agency will not be convened after the vacation ends and will proceed with negotiations.

In KB Stars, only Choi Hee-jin, who had a crooked nose, underwent surgery, while Bucheon Hana 1 Q, who finished the season at the bottom, had many players visiting the hospital. The person who underwent the biggest surgery was Hana Kim. Kim Ha-na, who suffered from a chronic ankle injury, underwent surgery to cut his bones and is expected to take about 7 months to rehabilitate. Hana 1 Q expects Hana Kim to return in December.

Kim Mi-yeon underwent surgery on the toe where the corn was formed, but it is expected that she will be able to join the team in May. Kim Ji-young is on the operating table due to a torn ligament in her right index finger, but her weight training and left-handed dribbling are possible. Kim Ji-young is also expected to join in May.

Hana 1Q was convened on the 16th, and team training began on the 17th, but most players, including newcomers such as Park So-hee and Park Jin-young, voluntarily came to the gym for individual training. “Last year, only a few players appeared, but this year, most of them are appearing,” explained a Hana 1Q official.

The vacation is already coming to an end, but there is enough motivation. KB Stars has not been able to step on the playoff stage after 11 seasons since the 2010-2011 season, and Hana 1Q has no official playoff record since its establishment in 2012. It is no exaggeration to say that the journey of the two teams towards next season’s ‘Spring Basketball’ begins in April.

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