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New York Giants (-14) Playing for Nothing vs. Playing-For-Everything Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Giants are locked in to the No. 6 seed, win or lose Sunday against Philadelphia. The Eagles can clinch the No. 1 seed with a win, and can drop all the way to No. 5 with a loss, which would mean opening the playoffs against Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

So, yeah … the stakes are a little different for these two teams, 메이저사이트 which is why Philadelphia is favored by 14.

But before you go and jump on that Eagles line, consider this: At DraftKings Sportsbook, 87 % of bets and 70 % of handle on spread bets are coming in on the Giants, and 70 % of moneyline wagers are coming in on New York at +675.

That is a somewhat crazy set of splits. But with Jalen Hurts still listed as “limited” and the Eagles on a two-game losing streak ever since Hurts hurt his shoulder, the betting public is not as high on Philly as was the case two weeks ago. And when all of the pressure is on one team (Eagles) and the other can allow many of its backups to play for their next contracts (Giants), there is an incentivization dynamic and a freewheeling thing that tilts things just a wee bit in New York’s favor.

And even if coach Brian Daboll rests Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, it is not like he will have to turn to a bunch of novices. Anybody outside of Buffalo and Miami remember this must-win game?