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NCT Dream bodyguard sent to Incheon International Airport for 5 weeks of injury after pushing a female fan

The Incheon International Airport Police Department sent a NCT Dream bodyguard, a man in his 30s, to the prosecution on charges of pushing and injuring a female fan who visited the airport to see the group NCT Dream토토사이트. The man is accused of pushing and injuring a female fan in her 30s when a crowd gathered while guarding NCT Dream near the arrival gate of Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 at around 7:00 pm on February 20th. The female fan who hit the wall suffered a fractured rib and was diagnosed with a 5-week total in the hospital and filed a complaint against the man to the police. A police official explained, “As a result of the investigation after the complaint was filed, the man’s charges are recognized.”

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