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‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae’s value rises by 21 billion… Selected as the best 11 ransom in Serie A

South Korean national football team defender Kim Min-jae was selected as the best eleven in Serie A ransom.

On the 21st (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘TransferMarkt’ updated the ransom values ​​of players playing in Italy’s Serie A. The media periodically conveys the current approximate market value in consideration of individual data such as current activity, age, and contract period.

Along with the update, the Italian Serie A Ransom Best Eleven was also released. Among them, there were players whose value changed significantly, and there were players who were measured the same as before. Although the ransom has fallen, there are still players with high value and named in the Best Eleven. The formation is 3-2-3-2.

The two frontline players were Napoli’s Victor Osimen and Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan). Osimen is one of the players whose value has changed the most in this update. He has scored 21 goals in Serie A this season, and is contributing greatly to helping the team maintain the lead as well as topping the scoring rankings. Osimen, which was previously valued at 70 million euros (approximately 98.5 billion won), now has a value of 100 million euros안전놀이터 (approximately 140 billion won).

The players placed in the second line were Rafael Leang (AC Milan), Sergei Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio) and Hvica Kvarachhelia (Napoli). Leang was the only player whose ransom value fell among the players selected as the best eleven. It was valued at 80 million euros (approximately 112.6 billion won), down 5 million euros from the previous one.

Milinkovic-Savich was 60 million euros (approximately 84.5 billion won), and there was no change to the existing ransom. On the other hand, Kvarazhelia was valued at 85 million euros (about 119.6 billion won), up by 25 million euros (about 35.2 billion won). Kvarachhelia is also contributing a lot to Napoli’s competition for the lead, and is recording 12 goals and 10 assists in Serie A this season.

The third line was Sandro Tonali (AC Milan) and Nicolo Varela (Inter Milan). The two players did not change their ransom and were evaluated at 50 million euros (about 70 billion won) and 70 million euros (about 98.5 billion won).

Kim Min-jae (Napoli), Milan Sckriniar, and Alessandro Bastoni (both Inter Milan) built the 3 back. In particular, Kim Min-jae’s ransom value changed the most. Kim Min-jae’s value has risen significantly from 35 million euros (approximately 49.2 billion won) to 50 million euros (approximately 70.4 billion won). In Serie A, he became proud of his high ransom, ranking third in terms of center backs.

The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by AC Milan’s Mike Mennan. Menyang, whose ransom has not changed, has been named the highest ransom goalkeeper in Serie A with 35 million euros (approximately 49.2 billion won).

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