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“Monster Kim Min-jae!” The moment his name was called, a huge cheer erupted.

As soon as Kim Min-jae’s name was called by the moderator, the Bayern Munich fans erupted in cheers.

The team presentation was held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on Sept. 23 (KST). The Bavarians held their first training camp in the German resort town of Tegernsee before departing for a preseason tour of Japan the following day. New signing Kim joined the team in the middle of the camp in Tegernsee and officially greeted the fans along with Haffaele Geheiro and Konrad Reimer.

The cheers for Kim were loud. The goalkeepers were followed by the center backs. The fact that Kim was greeted with louder cheers than players who have already contributed to Bayern, such as Dayo Upamecano, Matthias Düricht, and Benjamin Pavard, showed the expectations for the most expensive transfer to date. The moderator introduced him with the nickname “Monster”.온라인바카라

Most of the squad arrived in positional order, followed by captain Manuel Neuer and head coach Thomas Tuchel. Players who are rumored to be transferring, such as Sadio Mane, also made an appearance.

This was followed by an open training session. Despite not being able to understand the German instructions, Kim showed a lot of gravitas in the training, performing various training programs as instructed. Kim joined Bayern’s training from the very beginning, but it was urgent for him to regain his fitness and strength as he hadn’t been able to do any individual workouts for three weeks in his last training camp.

After warming up, he joined Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka, Reimer, Diricht, Jozua Kimmich, and Arjon Ibrahimovic in a ball-turning (rondo) drill. The group practiced alternating passing, crossing, and shooting drills to familiarize themselves with the movement of each position on the pitch.

This was followed by a high-intensity drill in which the players alternated between pressing and decompressing in a small octagonal space. Kim Min-jae, who had mostly played the role of joker or ‘mop-up man’ in the previous drills to ease the pressure, was able to keep up with the intensity of his teammates.

Kim did not participate in the new tactical drills that followed, but instead worked on passing the ball separately with Diricht and promising midfielder Malik Tillman. At the end of the day, he and his teammates signed autographs and selfies with the fans surrounding the stadium and gave team interviews before completing a packed team schedule.

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