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MLB didn’t ‘ban shift’… The shift limit is right, Gallo is the proof

 Major League Baseball did not ban the shift. limited Joey Gallo (Minnesota) is proof of that.

In September of last year, the MLB Secretariat announced three new rules to be introduced this year. There are three options: Pitch Clock, Shift Limit, and Bass Size Enlargement. Here, the shift-related rule is ‘restriction’, not ‘prohibition’. Shift can still be used. But only within the rules. also does not express the changed rules as ‘no shift’. Write ‘restriction’.

In the game on the 4th (Korean time), the Boston Red Sox started a two-man outfield shift. When left-handed giant Gallo entered the plate, center fielder Adam Dubal moved closer to the infield. Left fielder Raimel Tapia took over in center field.

The new rule stipulates that all four infielders must be positioned on the infield soil, and two must stand on the left and right of the second base base.

According to this, the two-man outfield is a shift allowed by the new rules. There were no restrictions on outfielders entering the inside.

A two-man outfield shift is more risky than a shift that leaves third base empty. When only third base is empty, it is a short hit even if the ball is missing, but if one side of the outfield is left open, it will be a long hit. As the cost of shift failure increases, so does the pressure on the defending team.

The infielder also has to not cross second base. It is still possible to defend against heavy hits that pass past the pitcher near the second base base. Boston also placed a shortstop right next to second base.

Gallo is considered a victim of shifting against left-handed hitters. According to, Gallo has had a .236 in-play batting average over his past three years. During this span, he has the fifth lowest among players with 1000 or more plate appearances. It’s still hard to hit the bat, but the hit ball often gets shifted.메이저놀이터

Regarding the intense defensive shift in February of last year, he said, “I understand that a defensive strategy is necessary. I am not 100% opposed to the shift. However, the rules need to be changed. How can I hit a long hit when there are 6 people in the outfield?” However, I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of the shift completely this year.

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