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Lukaku ↔ Blahovich Swap Deal Rapidly… Chelsea-Juve ‘win-win’ deal

Chelsea and Juventus are ready to swap strikers.

Italian media ‘Gazetta dello Sport’ reported on the 7th (Korean time), “Chelsea and Juventus will discuss a swap deal to exchange Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Blahovic.”

Lukaku joined Inter Milan from Chelsea last year on loan. He had no choice but to leave the team as if he was being kicked out for publicly sniping the club at Chelsea.

The Inter Milan loan was a turning point. Since his return to Inter Milan, Lukaku has been evaluated as having recovered some of his former scoring ability, scoring 14 goals in 35 matches.

Accompanying could not continue. Inter Milan were unable to fully sign Lukaku due to poor finances. Lukaku returned to Chelsea after his contract expired last month.먹튀검증

The good relationship with Inter Milan also did not last. Lukaku suddenly started promoting a transfer to Juventus, not Inter Milan. It was even revealed that he had already spoken with Juventus during last season.

That said, Juventus did not proceed quickly. Juventus was unable to pay the transfer fee of £34 million (approximately 56.3 billion won) requested by Chelsea.

A swap deal emerged as a solution. According to this report, Juventus are said to be willing to sell Vlahovic to Chelsea for Lukaku’s signing.

Chelsea have also changed their stance. Initially, Chelsea were not very interested in signing Vlahovic, but changed their attitude as they struggled to recruit a striker.

The possibility of Blahovic’s resurgence at Chelsea cannot be ruled out either. In the last 21/22 season, Blahovic, who scored 29 goals in Fiorentina, is still evaluated as an attacker with high potential for growth.

It looks like it will be a win-win deal for both Chelsea and Juventus. The media said, “The swap deal will benefit both sides. Coordination of details remains a task.”

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