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LG long-haired ace who got 8 hits but showed hope for a rebound with QS and maximum speed of 149 km

 There were still mistakes and a lot of hits. Still, the restraints increased, and unique and elaborate locations came out from time to time. LG Ace Casey Kelly, who is having a tough April, recorded the second quality start안전놀이터 (QS: 6 or more starting innings, 3 earned runs or less) in the fifth game of this season.

Kelly threw 95 pitches against Jamsil SSG on the 25th, giving up 3 runs (2 earned runs) with 8 hits, 3 walks and 4 strikeouts in 6 innings. This is the first QS since the second game of the season, 2 runs in 7 innings against Samsung in Jamsil on the 7th.

Above all, on this day, Kelly threw the fastest ball this season with a maximum speed of 149 km. He is Kelly, who has not recently recorded 150 km, but showed the possibility of an increase in restraint. In doing so, he lowered his earned run average from 6.46 to 5.76. He came off the mound with the season 2 win requirement met.

The beginning was uneasy. Kelly was in danger in the first inning when lead batter Choo Shin-soo walked and Choi Ji-hoon hit right-handed. However, he exquisitely used inside fastballs against Heredia from 1st out, 1st and 3rd bases, leading to a 6-4-3 double play. In the 2nd inning, it was a crisis with 1 out, 1st and 3rd bases, and 2 outs were loaded, but I avoided conceding. He received a lot of hits until the 4th inning, but he kept the mound by using exquisite commands in each crisis.

However, he could not get over the hump in the 5th inning. The changeup thrown to Choo Shin-soo was a heavy hit, and Choi Jeong walked. In the crisis of 1st, 1st and 2nd base, Heredia attacked the first pitch and hit a double with 2 RBIs to turn the game around. He couldn’t even help the defense. Second base runner Heredia retouched to third base on Hanyu Island’s right field fly, and Park Dong-won made a catch error during the throwing relay. Heredia, who was on third base, ran home and SSG ran away 1-3.The LG batters scored 3 points at the end of the 5th inning and took the lead again. Kelly finished pitching in the top of the 6th inning with the first three-way kick of the game. In the top of the 7th inning, Ham Deok-joo climbed the mound and the bullpen was activated.

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