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Lee Song-ha, Yoo Soo-young, and Park Si-yoon become integrated Black Combat-Deep champions… Black Combat wins 5-2 over Deep

Korea’s Black Combat defeated Japan’s DEEP again.

He won 5-2 in the 7-on-7 match of ‘Black Combat 8: The Last Samurai (DEEP 115)’ held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on the 18th.

Moreover, they won all of the unified title matches. Lee Song-ha beat Juri Ohara with a Sloev Stretch Submission, Soo-young Yoo beat Kouchi Ishizuka with a pounding TKO, and Si-yoon Park defeated Saori Oshima with a decision by decision, thus rising to the top spot in Black Combat and deep.

The three champions now defend their titles between Black Combat and Deep.

It was a landslide victory in the main event as well. Haejun Yang mounted Ryo Sakai and ended the match with an armbar.

It was my second clash with Deep. Black Combat brought Deep to Korea last February and had a 5-on-5 match.

The result was a thrilling comeback win of 3-2. Hong Ye-rin lost to Saori Oshima and Da-won Yoon lost to Juri Ohara, leading to a 0-2 score, but Jong-hoon Kim defeated Seigo Yamamoto, Min-woo Kim defeated Daisuke Nakamura, and Won-jun Choi defeated Yukinori Akazawa to turn the game around.

The combined score of the second game was 8-2. Black Combat took off in Japan.

[Unlimited Weight] ‘Big Guy’ Haejun Yang vs. ‘Raging Bull’ Ryo Sakai Haejun

Yang immediately applied a takedown to Ryo Sakai. He showed off his superior skills in wrestling. Yang Hae-jun, who was on the mount, steadily applied an armbar and received a tap from Ryo Sakai. It was an overwhelming submission victory in 2 minutes and 41 seconds of the first round.

ha did not give O’hara any distance from the start of the match. He changed his stance, narrowed the distance, grabbed the clinch, and succeeded in a takedown. Good control on the ground. Even as he went for the rear naked choke, he didn’t lose position to O’Hara. The first round was Piero Songha’s pace.

In the second round, he grabbed a southpaw transfer and countered O’Hara’s in-fighting with an out-fight. And he succeeded in another takedown. Here, he straightened his knees, grabbed O’Hara’s legs as he tried to get up, and did a modified knee bar. He aka Suloev Stretch. O’Hara tapped, her expression contorted in pain. Submission win in 2 minutes and 38 seconds. It was the moment when Lee Song-ha became the deep lightweight champion following Black Combat.

was holding a long distance, but then momentarily closed the distance and succeeded in a one-leg takedown. In her usual ‘Yu Jitsu’ style, she had Ishizuka completely tied to her floor and pounded her with one punch after another. And she climbed into the back position. Continuing pounding. Ishizuka tried to hold on, but it wasn’t enough. The referee ended the game. Won by TKO at 4 minutes and 28 seconds in the first round.

Sooyoung Yoo was the champion of Zeus FC, Naija FC, and Black Combat. With this victory, he became the unified champion of Black Combat Bantamweight and Japanese Group Deep Bantamweight.

Park Si-yoon said before the match that she would wrestle against Oshima, a judo veteran. But it was a smokescreen operation. Because his reach was long, he planned to lead the match through a striking fight rather than a grappling fight.

Park Si-yoon kept changing his stance and made Oshima flinch with calf kicks and jabs. When Oshima lunged for the clinch, he was completely out of it. Even when Oshima went down to self-guard and tried to grab his lower body joint, he pulled it out.

In the second round, Oshima became impatient. Park Si-yoon’s calf kick was also burdensome and it was frustrating because he couldn’t find the distance. I was resentful of Park Si-yoon, who, when I tried to stick with him, would land a punch and a kick and then leisurely fall back.

In the third round, Park Si-yoon continued to fight coldly. Oshima used a lower body joint after the tackle, but he calmly removed his knee and took the upper position to pass the time.

In the end, Park Si-yoon won by decision 3-0, as he scored a lot of effective hits and did not get caught up in the ground game. Following Black Combat, he was cheered after winning the Deep’s championship belt.

Choi Jun-seo’s straight was excellent. A sharp spear was thrust into the face of Suzuki, who was short in stature. Suzuki counter-punched the left jab to avoid being pushed back. He swung uppercuts and hooks at close range.

Choi Jun-seo’s push was good here. He pushed Suzuki, who was trying to fight at close range, into the cage fence, and then landed a straight right hand. A series of right and left hand punches followed. Suzuki was defeated. Choi Jun-seo wins by KO in the first round. Korean fans’ chants of “Yacha, Yacha” echoed through Korakuen Hall.온라인바카라

Seung-min held the center of the cage and put pressure on Aoi. If a fight broke out, I was ready to take it. However, Aoi responded to Shin Seung-min’s attack by slipping away slightly. The decisive blow in the first round was Aoi’s surprise flying knee. Shin Seung-min, who was hit hard on his knee, was knocked down and bled from his eyebrow.

Even in the second round, Aoi’s kick was difficult. He put the brakes on Shin Seung-min’s advance by appropriately mixing calf kicks, middle kicks, and high kicks. He had good eyes and quick reactions, so when Shin Seung-min made a preemptive attack, he missed slightly and then threw a counter punch. As Shin Seung-min shifted into forward gear, he tackled him and clung to him in a clinch. He coolly led the game until the second round.

In the third round, Shin Seung-min needed a finish. He had no choice but to rush like a moth to fire. Then he fell down after being hit by Aoi’s counter punch. A series of soccer kicks followed. Shin Seung-min lost by KO at 2 minutes and 37 seconds in the third round.

woong Kim allowed Komakine a takedown in the clinch and was dragged to the bottom. However, he reversed his stance on the ground and climbed on top of Gomakine. Here, he tried to bring some momentum by slamming down a pounding punch, but was dealt a blow. He gave Komakine an armbar grip. I tried to hold on, but ended up hitting the tab. Lost by submission at 3 minutes and 16 seconds of the first round.

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